Indonesia’s trans Muslim Maryani: “Seeking Paradise is not limited to our sex or clothing”

An article in the Jakarta Post last week followed the latest developments on a pesantren (Islamic boarding school) for transgender people in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Although it is called a boarding school, the Pondok Pesantren Waria Al-Fatah functions more like a religious school where students can learn classical religious subjects like fiqh and Qur’an recitation, as well as a community centre where students gather to break the fast together during Ramadan.It was opened in 2008 by the late M … [Read more...]

Trans and Muslim: Portraying the Lives of Warias in Indonesia

I recently came across a short movie on the life of transsexual Muslims in Indonesia. In the last few years, MMW has covered a few different stories in terms of LGBT activism in Indonesia: issues concerning transgender and transsexual communities, the challenges faced by lesbians and the attempts to bring LGTBQ issues to the public sphere.Yet there are things to watch, along with our reading! Warias: Indonesia’s Transsexual Muslims is a s … [Read more...]