Announcing the Arrival of altmuslimah and Muslim Lookout

Salam waleykum, readers! I have lots of announcements!altmuslimah, a kind of "sister" site to altmuslim, launched today. It's a wonderful site that discusses gender and Islam in an intelligent, thoughtful way, and it's put forth by many of the same people who are behind altmuslim, with one notable addition: me! I'm serving as associate editor to the site. I've also written a piece for the website's launch. It's a review of the movie AmericanEast. Be sure to check altmuslimah out!Also, Sobia … [Read more...]

From the Source: Muslimah Source Joins the Interwebs

Muslimah Source is a new site that is geared towards Muslim women. When I visited the site, I was hoping for something a little different from the norm. Usually sites catering to Muslim women have sections on relationships, health & beauty, motherhood, how to emulate female companions (sahabah) of the Prophet (saws) and dress (i.e. hijab). Most of does not stray from this formula. There are a couple of essays on marriage and what to look for in a mate and an essay on why … [Read more...]