Racism and Responsibility: Seeking Solidarity with Black Muslimahs

MuslimasTRI (Tackling Real Issues) is a new channel on YouTube started by two American women, Dena and Erin. In one of their videos, Erin shares an extremely personal incident when a Pakistani man she was romantically interested in said he couldn’t speak to her because she was black. On her blog, Jamerican Muslimah offers an equally blunt description of similar experiences: “Beyond all the beautiful speeches given to me by my Indian, Pakistani, Caribbean Indian, and Arab brothers and sisters I r … [Read more...]

Unpacking the “culture” argument

I wrote a few weeks ago about the effect of a fictional white character's Muslim identity on possible constructions and understandings of Islam and Muslim; this week I want to look at a couple non-fictional women in similar positions.On Open Salon, a network of bloggers, this weekend's top story was written by Sara O'Connell, an American woman of Irish descent who has been Muslim all her life. (In case you're wondering, no, I'm not going to engage with her discussion of hijab. I mean that. … [Read more...]

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: Muslim Women’s Discussion in Britain

Spiced Spare Ribs! A Woman's Question Time was a refreshing hour-long panel/audience discussion that touched on a lot of issues affecting British Muslims, Western Muslims as well as Muslims from around the globe. The women on the panel were four extremely articulate women: Catherine Heseltine (seated on the far left), Khola Hassan (seated next to Catherine), Fatima Zohra (seated on the far right) and Humera Khan (seated next to Fatima). You can view a video of the panel here.When I first saw … [Read more...]