A New “View” of Arab Women

This was written by Zehra Rizavi and originally published on AltMuslimah.An attractive Arab woman in her mid-30s, wearing a silver silk hijab and high-collared matching silver blouse, looks into the camera and says, “Recently, in Qatar there has been talk of providing sex education to the youth. Subjects [would] include dealing with sexual desires, homosexuality, relationship issues and sexual harassment.” The hostess then turns to the three women seated beside her and a candid discussion ens … [Read more...]

The Other Half of the Sky: the NYT Magazine’s Women’s Crusade Issue

At the heart of many of the problems plaguing Muslim women in developing nations is a dollar bill, not a Qur’an. That was the overall impression I received from reading last Sunday’s Times Magazine. The issue of women in developing nations may not appear to be an impending issue for the Muslim community. In fact, the phrase “women in development” may turn away many readers. However, these issues are at the heart of many global conflicts, and in many cases, these impoverished women are Muslims the … [Read more...]

Tariq Ramadan Speaks to South African Women

Last weekend, my husband and I made the six hour drive to the coastal city of Durban, to attend a series of lectures and seminars by Professor Tariq Ramadan. In an earlier post, I reviewed Ramadan's latest book, Radical Reform. I certainly appreciate Ramadan's work, and feels he is one of the very few contemporary egalitarian Islamic scholars.One evening of the conference was dedicated especially to women's issues, as the rather simplistic poster advertisement points out. "To work or not to … [Read more...]

From the Source: Muslimah Source Joins the Interwebs

Muslimah Source is a new site that is geared towards Muslim women. When I visited the site, I was hoping for something a little different from the norm. Usually sites catering to Muslim women have sections on relationships, health & beauty, motherhood, how to emulate female companions (sahabah) of the Prophet (saws) and dress (i.e. hijab). Most of MuslimahSource.org does not stray from this formula. There are a couple of essays on marriage and what to look for in a mate and an essay on why … [Read more...]