Someone to Watch Over Me: On the Saudi Guardianship Campaign

When a woman says, “My guardian knows what’s best for me,” what should we do?Earlier this month, blogger Eman Al Nafjan posted her feelings about a new campaign in Saudi Arabia. The campaign, which began last month, is called “My guardian knows what’s best for me” and aims to gather one million signatures in support of the kingdom’s status quo in regard to women’s guardianship laws. According to Al Nafjan, two Saudi princesses who support this campaign have started their own websites devoted to … [Read more...]

Canada’s Military and Afghan Women: A Follow-Up

This piece is also posted at Muslim Lookout.I know I just talked about this last week, but all these questions about Canada's involvement with the rights of Afghan women have remained a major news story, so I thought it was worth doing a follow-up.  There are still quite a few articles out there about how the new law that came out a couple weeks ago is making everyone question Canada's mission in Afghanistan (yeah, I know: Canada's military has been there how long and people are only asking … [Read more...]

Faulty Framing: Washington Times mischaracterizes a new Gallup poll on American Muslims

Gallup released a new study on Monday examining American Muslims. Some of the results:Muslims are highly educated. More so than most of the American population. Muslims are only second to Jews in educational attainment. American Muslims are an incredibly diverse group comprised of 35% African Americans, 28% whites, 18% Asians and 1% Latinos. American Muslim women are actually more slightly educated than American Muslim men and more educated than U.S. women overall.The results were not … [Read more...]