Muslimah Lifestyle Videos Offer More than Just Hijab Tutorials and Fashion Tips

This post was written by guest contributor Kristin Peterson (@KrissyPetey), who also blogs at Third Spaces, a group blog for researchers at CU-Boulder’s Centre for Media, Religion and Culture.YouTube is frequently the go-to place to check out the latest hilarious video, view a clip from a movie, or watch a music video. Over the last few years, YouTube has also become a space where young people can create and post videos, sharing their personalities and advice on various topics, while also a … [Read more...]

Muslim Women, YouTube, and Third Space

This post was written by guest contributor Deonna Kelli Sayed.Media technology and the Muslim world are interesting collaborators.  Cassette tape propagation of Ayatollah Khomeini’s sermons provided important precursors for the Iranian Revolution. Likewise, Facebook and Twitter offered political leverage in the Arab Spring developments. For observers, social media, in particular, is potentially changing the dynamics of the public sphere in the Muslim world.New media technology provides a … [Read more...]

Make-up Shake Up: YouTube’s Muslim Make-up Sensation

The MMW Friday link lists often highlights the disparity between non-Muslim perception of Muslim women's experiences and the lives Muslim women actually live.Hence the recent spate of incredulous articles about hijab fashion websites. For Muslim women, the concept of hijab fashion is nothing new, but for Western journalists, Muslim women having the inclination and freedom for frivolity is unexpected.So for me and I expect many readers of this site, a Muslimah giving make-up tutorials on … [Read more...]