How to Encounter the Omer, Week 4 – Netzach (The New Militia)

With all of the talk regarding 2nd amendment rights and the militias on the right, I began to feel, as a political lefty, left out. I spoke with my friend Mary about my conundrum. She responded that I should not feel dismay, this May, because she had created a militia for lefties. It is called, appropriately enough, Left’s American Militia. For short it is L.A.M. I was so pleased to discover that Mary had a little LAM, that I immediately wanted to join. She responded that before I could b … [Read more...]

How to Encounter the Omer, week 3 – Tiferet

TiferetThere is such a beauty in balance, in being balanced. When we look around our world and find things in balance we feel comforted, at ease, all is well and all because of balance. Tiferet symbolizes that comforting balance, that feeling that all is well that all is beautiful. And yet real balance is dynamic, not static like when we take a walk.And yet movement requires us to change our balance. We must unbalance to rebalance with every step.  In Judo we are taught to sweep a … [Read more...]

How to Encounter the Omer, week 2 – Gevurah

I have a sweet friend who I visit every Shabbos. Her name is Joan. We sit together and chat about “Jewish Stuff” and then share the blessings of entering Shabbos. During these 7 weeks of Omer we have been talking about the 7 x 7 Sefirot. Well, I do most of the talking (no surprise there), and she offers her smile and laughter and some interesting notions. Here is installment two of the Counting of the Omer. Last week was Hesed, unconditional love. This week is Gevurah.Gevurah has to do with the … [Read more...]

How to Encounter the Omer

From Where I Sit….OK, Pesah has passed and Shavuot is a few weeks away.  The 49 days in between are called the Omer and it is an ancient Jewish custom to count the Omer, the days until Shavuot.  Originally it was an agricultural activity.  Later it became a time of mystic wonder.Even within the deepest mystic moment there are simple yet deep lessons to be learned and shared and passed on.  Each day of the 49 has stories and lessons to share.  You have lessons and stories to share.Here … [Read more...]

Next Year in Jerusalem… or the White House, depends on who you know…

This morning, while my friends at my neighborhood car repair shop were fixing my car to the tune of several hundred dollars (ugh), I sat in Starbucks with my Sunday New York Times.I love the Sunday New York Times. I live in Denver now but I was born in Manhattan to a mother from Queens and no matter where we moved across the US, I always had a soft spot for a Bialy. Anyway, I love the Sunday Styles sections and my favorite way to finish my coffee is with the weddings... I'm not going to lie, … [Read more...]

Shabbat Shalom!

We hope you have a fabulous Shabbis!Check out the weekly Torah portion here - Parshat Tzav - and don't forget to check back each week for the next installment. This is Torah study you are bound to enjoy and you will defintely impress your shabbis table!Gut Shabbis & Shabbat Shalom!-- Talia and the Jewish Portal Team … [Read more...]

Last Minute Seder Ideas

Cross posted from If you are like millions of Jews in America, life has been pretty busy lately.Passover is upon us and to help ease your stress, here are some last minute ideas to help you prepare for your Seder.What is most important in any Jewish celebration? Why the Food of course! Kitchen Daily has posted The World's Easiest Seder Menu. You should be able to whip this up in no time!Once we have the food going we MUST make sure we have the right wine. Lucky for you, I … [Read more...]

The Passover Seder… With The Four Sons…

Check out this awesome G-dCast holiday special video! The four sons explain Passover to us in only the way they can...We love our friends over at G-dCast.More Torah cartoons at … [Read more...]