How to Encounter the Omer, Week 5 – Hod – To be or not to be, what a question!

HodNetzah is all about doing. Hod is all about being. We need to be careful in Hod. Hod is beyond thought, it is beyond action, it is beyond. Some think that Hod is about “doing nothing.” But doing nothing is still doing. Hod is not about doing nothing, its about being everything and being nothing. Confused, then you have a handle on the Yin Yang of Netzah/Hod. If we dissect Hod into its 7 Omer parts, we just might begin to understand its gentle power.HESED OF HODIf Hesed is lov … [Read more...]

Week 5 of Counting the Omer, Keep Up!

I really love the Omer... okay, rather, I have a love hate relationship with counting the Omer. I love the spiritual lift I get, but I sometimes get annoyed at one more thing to do before sleep... hence why I need to count the Omer nightly.I use a wonderful book that asks you questions and gives you great thoughts for each day that relates to the sepherot (like the chakras). Here is their online version for week 5 - Meaningful Life. The book is called “Counting the Omer – A … [Read more...]

The Kabbalah of Counting: The Mystical Meaning of the Counting of the Omer

The Counting of the Omer originated in a deep, loving relationship to the earth.For us, it has become process of re-creation, re-birth and re-newal of a sacred bond that grounds our hearts to the earth and lifts our souls to the heavens.The 49 day period is counted in days and weeks.The 7 days of each of the 7 weeks constitutes the 49 days.Each week is represented by a specific sacred attribute, called Sefirah from the mystical Tree of Life.Each day within that week is represented by … [Read more...]

How to Encounter the Omer, Week 4 – Netzach (The New Militia)

With all of the talk regarding 2nd amendment rights and the militias on the right, I began to feel, as a political lefty, left out. I spoke with my friend Mary about my conundrum. She responded that I should not feel dismay, this May, because she had created a militia for lefties. It is called, appropriately enough, Left’s American Militia. For short it is L.A.M. I was so pleased to discover that Mary had a little LAM, that I immediately wanted to join. She responded that before I could b … [Read more...]

Next Year in Jerusalem… or the White House, depends on who you know…

This morning, while my friends at my neighborhood car repair shop were fixing my car to the tune of several hundred dollars (ugh), I sat in Starbucks with my Sunday New York Times.I love the Sunday New York Times. I live in Denver now but I was born in Manhattan to a mother from Queens and no matter where we moved across the US, I always had a soft spot for a Bialy. Anyway, I love the Sunday Styles sections and my favorite way to finish my coffee is with the weddings... I'm not going to lie, … [Read more...]

Last Minute Seder Ideas

Cross posted from If you are like millions of Jews in America, life has been pretty busy lately.Passover is upon us and to help ease your stress, here are some last minute ideas to help you prepare for your Seder.What is most important in any Jewish celebration? Why the Food of course! Kitchen Daily has posted The World's Easiest Seder Menu. You should be able to whip this up in no time!Once we have the food going we MUST make sure we have the right wine. Lucky for you, I … [Read more...]

The Passover Seder… With The Four Sons…

Check out this awesome G-dCast holiday special video! The four sons explain Passover to us in only the way they can...We love our friends over at G-dCast.More Torah cartoons at … [Read more...]