A journey to matter… a hike to BE

I am on a journey.We know the journey never ends. At least that is what all the stories and moshuls* and cliche's tell us. It's not the destination, it's the journey.Every step along the way provides new cognizance, illumination, and often times erudition of ideas.I have lived 30 long years. Nothing in my life was given or taken in halves. When life was really mamish** good, it was good and when it was bad... it was mamish bad. And דווקא (davka***), I always came out the other end, even … [Read more...]

Traveling Talia for Tishrei, pt 2

Once I actually found the sherut (taxi van), I had to tell them where I was going... I (I know, I know silly me) didn't actually write down the address, I just knew it in my head. But when they asked me... I was pronouncing it like an American... and not correctly. And I had forgotten it was a two word name Hizkiyahu HaMelech. Only the document I had had the first word spelled Yehesikayhu... at least I knew my neighborhood, Ketamon.As we drive towards Jerusalem, we are stopped several times to … [Read more...]

Traveling Talia for Tishrei

Okay, I couldn't resist the alliteration but I have already traveled and it is not yet Tishrei. We are still in the holy, soul checking month of Elul. However, I have traveled.I left my safe and lovely home in Denver Colorado (as well as my delightful and fun colleagues at Patheos) to travel all by my lonesome to Eretz Yisrael, the land of Israel. The travel part was long. It involved a rented minivan and drive from Denver to NYC as my younger brother was starting grad school in the city. Then … [Read more...]