Radio Dreams, Immigrant Dreams, A Movie for Our Times

The plot of Radio Dreams is simple enough. A Farsi language radio station in San Francisco has made a booking coup, well beyond its normal range. They're bringing the heavy metal band Metallica to jam with Kabul Dreams, an Afghani rock band.The story turns on that single day as the hours extend on and Metallica does not show up.It captures perfectly an immigrant community filled with hopes and constraints, and perhaps living more into the constraints.But, Radio Dreams is also a … [Read more...]

Martin Scorsese’s Silence: a Review

Martin Scorsese's latest offering, Silence, actually enjoyed a special initial release for the pope at Vatican City. It will officially open on the 23rd of December. Last night Jan and I went to Paramount Studios for a screening of Silence for journalists and bloggers. Frankly, I think people might find it an odd Christmas movie. As we walked out Jan said, "Now, that was harrowing."There are two brief quotes from reviewers that I believe taken together say what one is going to encounter … [Read more...]