I Leave This Old Heart to the World: 3 Poems by the Zen Priest Ryokan

After our Boundless Way Zen West three day zazenkai in Seattle, while on my flight home I was reading a small collection of Sam Hamill's poetry and translations. I was especially taken with three of his renditions of the Soto Zen priest Ryokan's poetry.Alone in this strange machine hurtling through the air down the coast of the North American continent I found them catching my heart, capturing in some ways in my imagination my own life.It occurred to me you might like them, as … [Read more...]

A Poem Composed on the Occasion of My Sixty-ninth Birthday

A poem composed on the occasion of my sixty-ninth birthday I pityanyonewith no regrets Old Zen priest Myoun … [Read more...]

Sir Edwin Arnold and His Light on Buddhism

Edwin Arnold was born on this day, the 10th of June, 1832 at Kent, in England. A graduate of University College, Oxford, ┬áhis early promise as a poet won him the 1852 Newdigate prize.Upon graduation Arnold became a schoolmaster. After a few years serving in England he accepted a position as principal at the Government Sanskrit College in Poona, India. Arnold was there for seven years, which included the great mutiny of 1857. He returned to England, working as a journalist for the Daily … [Read more...]