Emptiness as the Dance of the Real: A Small Zen Meditation

I find myself think about the Buddhist teaching of emptiness. A lot, actually. For me it is one of the central pointers on my journey of spirit. And, I know this has been true for many others, as well. And, there are an astonishing, at least astonishing to me number of ways people turn it into something other than what it is.The most popular of these misunderstandings over the years is that it is an assertion of meaninglessness. Another perennial is that it is Emptiness with a capital “E,” so … [Read more...]

Two Errors on the Zen Way

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Form is exactly emptiness, emptiness is exactly form.Heart SutraI was talking with a friend about some of the pitfalls on the Zen way. And I thought perhaps some of what we discussed could be of use for others who also walk this way. Our conversation turned on two issues, closely related. One issue is the samadhi junkie. The other turns on several misunderstandings about sunyata, at least as what it means in Zen.Samadhi is a term for various … [Read more...]