Working Together to Prevent Suicide

Due to a variety of circumstances, I often contemplate suicide. I really do believe that my loved ones would be better off without the sadness and difficulties I bring into their lives – especially my children. They tell me otherwise but how do I get past what I know to be true? They say it would [Read More…]

Perfectionism is a Poser

I’ve been seeing a therapist lately for depression. And one of the things she keeps bringing up is perfectionism. I kind of get what she’s saying. But I want to be the best person I can be. I am overwhelmed on a pretty regular basis as to how to go about this. I have 5 [Read More…]

Our child custody arrangement needs to change…

At the time of my divorce I was really struggling with depression and anxiety. I was so overwhelmed and wanted the whole thing over as quickly as possible. Looking back I think I conceded too much in regards to the custody arrangements with my children. My ex-husband said things like “I’m the priesthood holder in [Read More…]

Is God tired?

I was at the devotional Elder Holland spoke at recently and I’m so confused after hearing him say that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are tired about us pleading for help. I’ve dealt with clinical depression most of my life. And when I talk to my LDS counselor about feeling guilty that I add to [Read More…]

Where is the Church’s Accountability?

Thank you to Peter Moosman for today’s guest post. Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the positions of the blog’s author.   Peter Moosman is a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, served in the Great Kentucky Louisville Mission and came out as gay last year. He graduated [Read More…]

How can you stand by the evils of homosexuality?

How can you call yourself a member of our Church when you stand by the evils of homosexuality spoken of in scripture? I received this question after posting the following link on my Facebook page: Watch Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn Slam Mormon Church in New Solo Video Tyler Glenn, a recently active and devoted LDS [Read More…]

Satan in Control of Clinical Depression?

I was recently pointed to a blog post called Satan’s Hidden Arsenal Against Women and asked my opinion about it, especially since some are planning on sharing this type of message in Relief Society lessons, Sunday School, etc.  I don’t mean to pick on this particular post or author  (she actually includes some applicable, good information). [Read More…]

Voices from Child Abuse Survivors – Day 2

For whatever reason, an article that was published by the Church in 2010 titled Effectiveness of Church Approach to Preventing Child Abuse reemerged on the LDS newsroom on February 1, making many believe this was a new release.  The Church is stating this was a technical glitch and not purposeful from their end.  Regardless, the reemergence of [Read More…]

Suicide Awareness and Prevention: 10 Things We All Can Do

It’s one thing to advocate for awareness of the discrimination against LGBTQ members that is currently happening within our church – and the devastating results that often follow.  This is a great first step.  Information, stories, critiques and opinions need to continue to be forthcoming. It’s another thing all together to figure out what we, [Read More…]

Using Caution and Perspective to avoid Fear & Anxiety

As someone who has treated myriads of people who struggle with anxiety disorders, and have struggled with it a bit myself – it is important for our mental health and overall well-being to be aware of the many positive ways our world is continually becoming a better place. The human race has made progress in [Read More…]