Upcoming Presentations – Take Advantage

I am often asked if I would be willing to present in areas outside of Salt Lake City. Well, here are two such opportunities!! HOUSTON I’ve been asked to speak at Houston Oasis on October 2, 2016. The title of my presentation will be How do we and Who Gets to Define Healthy Sexuality? and this event is [Read More…]

Why do you still care? #2

Today’s guest post is written by Alisa Bolander. Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the positions of the blog’s author.  Alisha Bolander is a project manager at a global financial company, a mother of a child with special needs, an adoring wife, and an enthusiastic ice skater who loves visiting teaching visits and [Read More…]

Why do you still care? #1

Today’s guest post is written by Holly Welker. Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the positions of the blog’s author.   Holly Welker is a writer and a critical analyst. She is the editor of Baring Witness: 36 Mormon Women Talk Candidly about Love, Sex and Marriage and has been interviewed on Mormon [Read More…]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I do not understand how any sex positive person would choose to be Mormon. It is a battle.  I am not going to be PC. I just do not get it. You are not going to change Mormonism. Why stay?? This is a question I received on a Facebook feed from a colleague of mine [Read More…]

Upcoming Mormon Matters Retreat!

I’m excited to announce that I will be leading the following retreat, Navigating a Healthy Mormon Journey, with my colleague Dr. Marty Erickson and fellow podcast host, Dan Wotherspoon.  These types of retreats have been very highly ranked in the past and we are excited to be offering this format to Mormons looking to stay engaged [Read More…]

How can you stand by the evils of homosexuality?

How can you call yourself a member of our Church when you stand by the evils of homosexuality spoken of in scripture? I received this question after posting the following link on my Facebook page: Watch Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn Slam Mormon Church in New Solo Video Tyler Glenn, a recently active and devoted LDS [Read More…]

Upcoming Events I’ll be Presenting At

I will be out in Salt Lake City, Utah this following weekend for several events.  The Mormon Mental Health Association is hosting Richard and Lawrence Siegel to present a training for therapists called Challenging the Sex Addiction Model.  The general public is also welcome to attend for a reduced fee that will not include Continuing [Read More…]

Prioritizing love, intimacy & relationship…

Over the last several years I have worked with my colleague and friend, John Dehlin, to host a variety of workshops and retreats (next one taking place in April) that are purposefully developed to help those transitioning from Mormonism and their loved ones – whether they may find themselves in a mixed-faith marriage (an often [Read More…]

Upcoming Presentations in Arizona

For those of you who are interested – I will be one of the presenters at Sunstone Southwest on February 20th.  I will also be offering my Sexuality after a Mormon Transition workshop on February 21st. [Read more…]

When my Loved Ones Don’t Leave the Church

Faith transitions are brutal – for everyone involved.  Those who are facing information or experiences that no longer resonate with their religious upbringing or conversion find themselves in painful situations where they feel confusion, pain, tremendous loss, doubts, having to redefine much of their personal, spiritual and relational identities, and are often facing less than [Read More…]