A Not-A-Mother’s Thoughts For Mother’s Day

Today’s guest post is written by Janell Jensen Gehmlich and is a slightly edited copy of a sacrament meeting talk she was asked to give on Mother’s Day. The original can be found on Childless Mormon Support: Helping Childless LDS Women Find their Place in this World. Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the [Read More…]

A Mama Dragon’s Support for Tyler Glenn

Today’s guest post is written by Lori Bolland Embree. Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the positions of the blog’s author.   Lori Bolland Embree is a feminist ginger from Parker Idaho, raised by a Lutheran father and an LDS mother. She was a high school teacher and debate coach for many years, and [Read More…]

Is God tired?

I was at the devotional Elder Holland spoke at recently and I’m so confused after hearing him say that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are tired about us pleading for help. I’ve dealt with clinical depression most of my life. And when I talk to my LDS counselor about feeling guilty that I add to [Read More…]

How can you stand by the evils of homosexuality?

How can you call yourself a member of our Church when you stand by the evils of homosexuality spoken of in scripture? I received this question after posting the following link on my Facebook page: Watch Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn Slam Mormon Church in New Solo Video Tyler Glenn, a recently active and devoted LDS [Read More…]

Rape Culture Alive and Well

It’s difficult for me when you use such language as “rape culture” to describe our faith.  I love our church and the gospel. And I know the last thing anyone in our church would want is for anyone to get raped. Why do you speak so negatively about our church? Thank you for your question. [Read More…]

Spiritual Thoughts for Victims

In light of all of the news stories that have been circulating – and how difficult it must be for many of our own wounded members who have been affected by the criminal travesties of sexual assault to read through the articles, relive some of their own experiences and often, see very hurtful comments (even [Read More…]

Boundaries for Worthiness Interviews

My daughter is turning 12 this week.  The bishopric called to schedule her Beehive interview.  I love our bishop.  He is very humble and trustworthy.  I feel safe with my daughter around him but also don’t want her learning that she must have private interviews with men about her worthiness.  I don’t know what to [Read More…]

Prioritizing love, intimacy & relationship…

Over the last several years I have worked with my colleague and friend, John Dehlin, to host a variety of workshops and retreats (next one taking place in April) that are purposefully developed to help those transitioning from Mormonism and their loved ones – whether they may find themselves in a mixed-faith marriage (an often [Read More…]

Satan in Control of Clinical Depression?

I was recently pointed to a blog post called Satan’s Hidden Arsenal Against Women and asked my opinion about it, especially since some are planning on sharing this type of message in Relief Society lessons, Sunday School, etc.  I don’t mean to pick on this particular post or author  (she actually includes some applicable, good information). [Read More…]

Voices of Child Abuse Survivors – Day 4

For whatever reason, an article that was published by the Church in 2010 titled Effectiveness of Church Approach to Preventing Child Abuse reemerged on the LDS newsroom on February 1, making many believe this was a new release.  The Church is stating this was a technical glitch and not purposeful from their end.  Regardless, the reemergence of [Read More…]