Suicide Awareness and Prevention: 10 Things We All Can Do


It’s one thing to advocate for awareness of the discrimination against LGBTQ members that is currently happening within our church – and the devastating results that often follow.  This is a great first step.  Information, stories, critiques and opinions need to continue to be forthcoming. It’s another thing all together to figure out what we, [Read More...]

Double Binds Hurt Us


The Deseret News published a lengthy article today, LDS Church Leaders Mourn Reported Deaths in Mormon LGBT Community, addressing the number of reported suicides among LDS LGBT youth since the policy announcement of last November.*  Much of what was stated was very useful information: the interplay between depression/despair and environmental factors (i.e. family/community rejection, bullying, [Read More...]

Guest Post re LGBT Policy

The following is published with permission and written by Wiktoria Heinz, MD.  Dr. Heinz is a trauma doctor in Sweden and Finland where she works at level 1 hospitals and a member of the Church for 30 years. I’ve been pondering deeply about how I’m going to phrase this. People sometimes ask me if it’s [Read More...]

Why Pour Salt in Wounds?

I am once again left confused and flabbergasted as we see the continual insistence by our LDS leaders to address our LGBT community in ways that harm, ostracize and marginalize.  Elder Nelson’s insistence that the new policies affecting gay members and their families is the will of the Lord in his most recent address to [Read More...]

How do we Support our Gay Teen?

Our teenager has come out to us as possibly being gay. We are pretty sure he is and want to be supportive in the way we respond. We have told him that we will love him no matter what. Now he is retracting what he said and asked a girl out to the prom, telling [Read More...]

Making Sense of the Research on Homosexuality

I was recently invited to be one of the panelists on a Mormon Matters Podcast episode where I am joined by the host Dan Wotherspoon, and his other guests Dr. Daniel Parkinson (founder of the I’ll Walk With You Project) and retired BYU professor Dr. William Bradshaw (microbiologist).  It is a fascinating interview that covers so [Read More...]

Spiritual Thoughts for the Day

I find all of these inspirational quotes very applicable to how I’m feeling about the policy changes the Church made earlier this month affecting LGBTQ members and their families. “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware [Read More...]

When What is Normal is Declared Sin

I have made many points as to why I take the stances I do in regards to the LDS positions around LGBTQ issues.  But at some level it really boils down to the following: when a religion takes a normal part of someone’s life – in this case, who they fall in love with and [Read More...]

Now We’re Blaming the Victims?

Michael Otterson recently wrote an article for LDS Newsroom, Understanding the Handbook where he states: The episode demonstrates clearly the dangers of drawing conclusions based on incomplete news reports, tweets and Facebook posts without necessary context and accurate information. The Church quickly responded to many of those concerns with a video interview with Elder D. Todd Christofferson, a member of the [Read More...]

Clarification is Deficient

The First Presidency came out with a ‘clarification’ letter today regarding the policies that were released last week. I see only two slight positives. 1. Less families/children will be affected. 2. Local authority will have more leeway to act (hopefully) appropriately by ignoring these policies all together.  But the fact remains that the policies are still [Read More...]