Our child custody arrangement needs to change…

At the time of my divorce I was really struggling with depression and anxiety. I was so overwhelmed and wanted the whole thing over as quickly as possible. Looking back I think I conceded too much in regards to the custody arrangements with my children. My ex-husband said things like “I’m the priesthood holder in [Read More…]

Upcoming Presentations – Take Advantage

I am often asked if I would be willing to present in areas outside of Salt Lake City. Well, here are two such opportunities!! HOUSTON I’ve been asked to speak at Houston Oasis on October 2, 2016. The title of my presentation will be How do we and Who Gets to Define Healthy Sexuality? and this event is [Read More…]

Beware of Sex Addiction Assessments

Many people take online “sex/porn addiction” assessments to see if they would qualify for the “diagnosis” that I’ve already noted does not exist. None of these assessment tools have been approved by any governing mental health body.  Most of the questions are completely subjective and make it so that many people could easily qualify…. for [Read More…]

Beware of Sex Addiction Treatment

I have written and talked a lot about the controversial issues surrounding “sex/porn addiction.” This has been such an important topic for me to focus on because of the large amounts of LDS people who have come through my office having either self-diagnosed or spouse-diagnosed as an addict (for usually much less behavior than the [Read More…]

A Ward’s Embrace to a Gay LDS Couple

Today’s guest post is written by Nick Einbender. Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the positions of the blog’s author.  Nick and Spencer Mickelson met at the annual Affirmation Conference in 2014 and, as they say, the rest is history. Nick is a dentist in the United States Air Force and Spencer works [Read More…]

What is Sex Positivity?

What is meant when you use the term “sex positive?” This is an excellent question. And like many terms (i.e. feminism, spirituality, academics, philosophy, etc.), it can be defined in different ways by different people and organizations.  However, I will try to explain the basis of how we generally use this term within the mental [Read More…]

Upcoming Mormon Matters Retreat!

I’m excited to announce that I will be leading the following retreat, Navigating a Healthy Mormon Journey, with my colleague Dr. Marty Erickson and fellow podcast host, Dan Wotherspoon.  These types of retreats have been very highly ranked in the past and we are excited to be offering this format to Mormons looking to stay engaged [Read More…]

Prioritizing love, intimacy & relationship…

Over the last several years I have worked with my colleague and friend, John Dehlin, to host a variety of workshops and retreats (next one taking place in April) that are purposefully developed to help those transitioning from Mormonism and their loved ones – whether they may find themselves in a mixed-faith marriage (an often [Read More…]

Upcoming Presentations in Arizona

For those of you who are interested – I will be one of the presenters at Sunstone Southwest on February 20th.  I will also be offering my Sexuality after a Mormon Transition workshop on February 21st. [Read more…]

Double Binds Hurt Us

The Deseret News published a lengthy article today, LDS Church Leaders Mourn Reported Deaths in Mormon LGBT Community, addressing the number of reported suicides among LDS LGBT youth since the policy announcement of last November.*  Much of what was stated was very useful information: the interplay between depression/despair and environmental factors (i.e. family/community rejection, bullying, [Read More…]