Clarification is Deficient

The First Presidency came out with a ‘clarification’ letter today regarding the policies that were released last week. I see only two slight positives. 1. Less families/children will be affected. 2. Local authority will have more leeway to act (hopefully) appropriately by ignoring these policies all together.  But the fact remains that the policies are still [Read More...]

Families Post #4

These stories are very personal and can be emotionally and psychologically triggering. Alyssa Carlson Paquette I’m at work today, and barely able to concentrate. This is the first day our 12yo son is *finally* back at our home, after his usual week at his (gay) mom’s home. He made it halfway through school before he [Read More...]

Families Post #3

These stories are very personal and can be emotionally and psychologically triggering. Posted Anonymously My ex has decided to take me to court to take my kids away. This all came about after the policy change. I’m gay and we divorced several years ago.  Up until this past weekend, we were getting along well.   [Read More...]

More Families Affected by New Policies

I am dedicating this week to sharing first-hand stories of Mormons who are being affected by the policy changes our church confirmed last week.  All stories are posted with permission. These stories are very personal and can be emotionally and psychologically triggering. Courtney Galloway Went to church today in my slacks, my pagan wife at [Read More...]

Families Affected by New Policy

I received permission from both Devon & Ashley Gibby  and Kate (who I’m leaving last name off for confidentiality reasons for the adolescents) to include their personal posts regarding how they are reacting to the news about the new LDS policy and how it will affect their family.  This is a good, yet tragic, example [Read More...]

A Call for Accepting all Families

Families have been widely varied throughout all of history – from how many children, to how those children came to be part of the family, to who is raising the children, etc… When we continue to tout and emphasize the importance of one type of family over others we do harm.  It doesn’t matter how [Read More...]

I think I’m going through a faith crisis…

I think I’m going through what I hear is a ‘faith crisis.’  I’ve been struggling with some of the new essays the church came out with and the fact that what we are taught in Sunday School often doesn’t line up with historical records and even what apologetics seem to try to explain away.  I [Read More...]

Let’s Talk About Sex – A Week Away

We are a week away from the registration deadline for my upcoming seminar hosted by Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. And it’s already half-full (there’s limited space) so register now. And can I take a minute to acknowledge that it takes a lot of courage to come to a workshop about sexuality? We can [Read More...]

Upcoming Let’s Talk About Sex Seminar

Let’s Talk About Sex – How to talk about what we don’t know how to talk about! WHEN Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 7-10pm WHERE Utah Valley University Student Life & Wellness Center SL 101 Orem With Certified Sex Therapist, Natasha Helfer Parker MORE INFORMATION For more information and to register for the event, visit the event page on [Read More...]

Compassion Called For Please while Reading of the “Letter”

This has been a historical week for those in the United States – with the Supreme Court ruling on what constitutes civil rights regarding marriage in our country. We now are left as a church to decide how we are going to respond to our own reactions, other’s reactions and official church reactions that are [Read More...]