Messages Teens Pick Up when we Teach Shame-Based Sex Ed

Today’s guest post is written by Maya Dehlin. Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the positions of the blog’s author.  Maya is an 18 year old, recent graduate of high school. She received the prestigious Utah’s Sterling Scholar in English, runs her own photography business (Tear Off the Mask) and is currently taking a [Read More…]

Atlantis Article… Are you kidding me?

The recent article regarding gender and sexual orientation posted in The New Atlantis has started a flurry of discussion in religiously conservative circles. When talking with some colleagues within the sexual field about how we can respond to this, one stated, “It’s crap. That’s the only response it deserves.” And I agree. Yet I know [Read More…]

Upcoming Mormon Matters Retreat!

I’m excited to announce that I will be leading the following retreat, Navigating a Healthy Mormon Journey, with my colleague Dr. Marty Erickson and fellow podcast host, Dan Wotherspoon.  These types of retreats have been very highly ranked in the past and we are excited to be offering this format to Mormons looking to stay engaged [Read More…]

Tone Does Need to Change

Today’s guest post is written by Lori Bolland Embree. Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the positions of the blog’s author.   Lori Bolland Embree is from Parker, Idaho, raised by a Lutheran father and an LDS mother. She was a high school teacher and debate coach for many years, and now teaches [Read More…]

Rainbow Mormon Initiative Launch

Tomorrow will begin the Rainbow Mormon Initiative, founded by my colleague Dr. Kristy Money.  This is an initiative meant to provide all Mormons a chance to show their concern, love and support for the LGBT+ members of our church community by wearing a rainbow pin (or other clothing item) on Sundays (whether you attend church [Read More…]

Should teen sexting be outlawed?

Should teen sexting be outlawed? Or should it be a slap on the wrist with more counseling given and mandatory parental education plans? What role should schools and churches play in this? I ask because I deal with sexting everyday of my life. I am the Dean of Students at a very large suburban high school: [Read More…]

A Not-A-Mother’s Thoughts For Mother’s Day

Today’s guest post is written by Janell Jensen Gehmlich and is a slightly edited copy of a sacrament meeting talk she was asked to give on Mother’s Day. The original can be found on Childless Mormon Support: Helping Childless LDS Women Find their Place in this World. Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the [Read More…]

Rape Culture Alive and Well

It’s difficult for me when you use such language as “rape culture” to describe our faith.  I love our church and the gospel. And I know the last thing anyone in our church would want is for anyone to get raped. Why do you speak so negatively about our church? Thank you for your question. [Read More…]

Voices of Child Abuse Survivors – Day 5

For whatever reason, an article that was published by the Church in 2010 titled Effectiveness of Church Approach to Preventing Child Abuse reemerged on the LDS newsroom on February 1, making many believe this was a new release.  The Church is stating this was a technical glitch and not purposeful from their end.  Regardless, the reemergence of [Read More…]

Boundaries for Worthiness Interviews

My daughter is turning 12 this week.  The bishopric called to schedule her Beehive interview.  I love our bishop.  He is very humble and trustworthy.  I feel safe with my daughter around him but also don’t want her learning that she must have private interviews with men about her worthiness.  I don’t know what to [Read More…]