Perfectionism is a Poser

I’ve been seeing a therapist lately for depression. And one of the things she keeps bringing up is perfectionism. I kind of get what she’s saying. But I want to be the best person I can be. I am overwhelmed on a pretty regular basis as to how to go about this. I have 5 [Read More…]

Rainbow Mormon Initiative Launch

Tomorrow will begin the Rainbow Mormon Initiative, founded by my colleague Dr. Kristy Money.  This is an initiative meant to provide all Mormons a chance to show their concern, love and support for the LGBT+ members of our church community by wearing a rainbow pin (or other clothing item) on Sundays (whether you attend church [Read More…]

How can you stand by the evils of homosexuality?

How can you call yourself a member of our Church when you stand by the evils of homosexuality spoken of in scripture? I received this question after posting the following link on my Facebook page: Watch Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn Slam Mormon Church in New Solo Video Tyler Glenn, a recently active and devoted LDS [Read More…]

How do we Support our Gay Teen?

Our teenager has come out to us as possibly being gay. We are pretty sure he is and want to be supportive in the way we respond. We have told him that we will love him no matter what. Now he is retracting what he said and asked a girl out to the prom, telling [Read More…]

Spiritual Thoughts for the Day

Some scriptures I heard discussed in a sermon today that are so relevant when we think about our relationships with those we care most about – especially in times such as the holiday season upon us, where we can get so carried away with our many to-do lists: The discretion of a man deferreth his anger; and it is his glory to [Read More…]

Families Affected by New Policy

I received permission from both Devon & Ashley Gibby  and Kate (who I’m leaving last name off for confidentiality reasons for the adolescents) to include their personal posts regarding how they are reacting to the news about the new LDS policy and how it will affect their family.  This is a good, yet tragic, example [Read More…]

FYI: Missionary Health

I just saw this article, Sick and Far From Home, posted on Slate and I’ve been noticing that the topic of missionary health is getting more attention these days.  Dr. Kris Doty of Utah Valley University has been conducting research so that we can be better equipped as an LDS community to address the needs of [Read More…]

General’s Women Session Oct 2015 – A Mental Health Perspective

Around each General Conference I try to share my thoughts about the messages we receive.  I don’t usually get around to comment on all the talks – just from a time perspective.  But I will do my best to cover a majority before our next conference. I have found that these General Conference messages go [Read More…]

Compassion Called For Please while Reading of the “Letter”

This has been a historical week for those in the United States – with the Supreme Court ruling on what constitutes civil rights regarding marriage in our country. We now are left as a church to decide how we are going to respond to our own reactions, other’s reactions and official church reactions that are [Read More…]

The Effects of Excommunication on All of Us: Healing Perspectives

This week the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has once again been in the news in regards to the excommunication of one of our own: this time it’s John Dehlin of Mormon Stories – only months after the excommunication of Kate Kelly of Ordain Women.  There have been lesser, yet still painful ramifications (losing callings, not being able [Read More…]