Compassion Called For Please while Reading of the “Letter”

This has been a historical week for those in the United States – with the Supreme Court ruling on what constitutes civil rights regarding marriage in our country. We now are left as a church to decide how we are going to respond to our own reactions, other’s reactions and official church reactions that are [Read More...]

Morality? We can do much better than this…

I was shocked to read the most recent article on sexual morality that was just published in the March 2014 issue of the Ensign by Elder Tad R. Callister regarding a recent fireside he gave at BYU-Idaho, and have spoken with several other LDS professional therapists who were shocked as well.  I do not take [Read More...]

Book Review: Sex and the Single Christian Girl

I was asked by Patheos to do the following book review: In Sex and the Single Christian Girl: Fighting for Purity in a Rom-com World, Marian Jordan Ellis takes a Christian stand for sexual purity in her delivery to other Christian women.   She speaks of the importance of sexual morality as related to our personal [Read More...]

Is oral sex wrong before marriage?

Is it wrong to partake in sexual acts like oral sex, fingering and handjobs before marriage? If so, what can go wrong? I’m a firm believer that sexual intercourse should be reserved for marriage due to scientific evidence, but whether the same applies to other sexual acts is a point of conflict for me. I [Read More...]

Part of Panel on Mormon Matters re Virtue

I was recently involved on a panel discussion over at Mormon Matters regarding “virtue.”  Here is the description from Dan Wotherspoon: So often in Mormon discourse, the term “virtue” is treated almost exclusively as relating to sexual purity, chastity, and virginity, completely missing its much broader and wonderfully expansive meanings. Similarly, most talk about “morality,” [Read More...]

How can I go to the temple if I’m still masturbating?

So, I just made a donation and am really only looking for an answer via e-mail, unless you think it isn’t beating a dead horse to keep talking about it.  I am a single, LDS woman, age 31, and I have had issues with…well, I am too embarrassed to even type it. You can imagine [Read More...]

My Official Stance on Masturbation

What about masturbation if you are endowed and unmarried? I am 29 and have my endowments and have this problem.  I am trying to stop the guilt and tell myself it is ok but is it? The following post is extremely important for me personally and the opinions I will share have been 7-10 years [Read More...]

How do I prepare for my marriage night?

I am a 23-year old single male and have a question (several really). I have OCD (Obsessive Thought Disorder more specifically I guess) which I feel was brought on by severe guilt that I had from a masturbation/pornography problem when I was in High School. I say that, so it can be taken into account [Read More...]

Do I have a hyper active libido?

I am a 21 year old single Male and have been dealing with OCD for about 5 years now. I have recently discovered, by reading your blog, that my conditions perfectly fit the description of hyper active libido. I have struggled with masturbation for much of those 5 years and could not figure out why [Read More...]

Anxious and struggling…

I know you get this question a lot, and I know you don’t speak for the church officially, but I’m tired of the anxiety and depression that comes without knowing. Having struggled with pornography for a long time, I have just recently become clean. But the problem is that I no longer can tell the [Read More...]