Book Review: Sex and the Single Christian Girl

I was asked by Patheos to do the following book review:In Sex and the Single Christian Girl: Fighting for Purity in a Rom-com World, Marian Jordan Ellis takes a Christian stand for sexual purity in her delivery to other Christian women.   She speaks of the importance of sexual morality as related to our personal relationship with Christ, our personal relationship with self, and our personal relationships with spouse and/or dating partners.She offers clear reasons as to why the “law of cha … [Read more...]

Is oral sex wrong before marriage?

Is it wrong to partake in sexual acts like oral sex, fingering and handjobs before marriage? If so, what can go wrong? I’m a firm believer that sexual intercourse should be reserved for marriage due to scientific evidence, but whether the same applies to other sexual acts is a point of conflict for me.I believe the church makes it clear on its position being that the sexual acts you mention are not deemed appropriate outside of marriage.However, I would like to look a little deeper into w … [Read more...]

How can I go to the temple if I’m still masturbating?

So, I just made a donation and am really only looking for an answer via e-mail, unless you think it isn't beating a dead horse to keep talking about it. I am a single, LDS woman, age 31, and I have had issues with...well, I am too embarrassed to even type it. You can imagine how relieved I was to see your blog post and what a weight I feel is lifted from my shoulders. I know your view isn't the official view of the Church but to hear someone who believes the same things as me say I am okay … [Read more...]

My Official Stance on Masturbation

What about masturbation if you are endowed and unmarried? I am 29 and have my endowments and have this problem.  I am trying to stop the guilt and tell myself it is ok but is it?The following post is extremely important for me personally and the opinions I will share have been 7-10 years in the making.   I know I have alluded to my stances on masturbation in the past - but largely within the context of marriage and/or parenting small children.  This has largely been due to my not wanting to t … [Read more...]