Why Preaching Verse-By-Verse Is Not ‘Biblical’

Help me understand something, please. (I can already sense the mounting outrage, feel free to throw shade in the comments section). I've preached weekly for over 15 years now, and my style has always been a topical/expository hybrid. I'll jump from passage to passage each week, but in each message I'll only deal with one primary passage, walking through it verse-by-verse. Sermon delivery is an art, and God has gifted many preachers in many ways to effectively communicate the word of God. In my ex … [Read more...]

The Missing Piece of Evangelism in Most of Our Churches

I’ve never liked going door-to-door witnessing. Growing up, I was taught that proper evangelism was sitting in classrooms, memorizing points and techniques, making sure you had all the proper tabs in your Bible marked, working on your counter-arguments when they would inevitably push back, and then start knocking on doors, interrupting people during dinner and seeing who you could argue into the Kingdom of God. Sounds like fun, right?Reading through the book of Acts, you see the apostles and … [Read more...]

Why I Choose Not to Drink Alcohol

In honor of St. Patrick's Day (a holiday second only to Mardi Gras when it comes to being associated with alcohol), I want to share why I choose not to drink alcohol. And it's not because the Bible doesn't say 'don't drink.' Growing up in conservative traditional (i.e. teetotaler) Baptist churches, I always got the "the Bible says don't drink" talk. Except the Bible never says that. As my religious teenage friends used to say to try and justify their drinking, "The Bible never says 'Don't … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Fight Biblically With Your Spouse

Every couple fights. The least you can do is fight biblically. Based off of Ephesians 4:25-32, use these principles and have a good fight with your spouse!1. Be honest about what you're fighting about. If you're going to fight, at least fight about the right things. Ladies, that will mean that you'll have to open up and tell your husband what's really going on. Guys, you'll have to open up and share about your feelings as well. A grunt does not constitute honesty!"Therefore each of you mu … [Read more...]

Why 90% of My Sermons Are Preached Out of the Gospels

There are 66 books in the Bible, but I overwhelmingly stick to four. I don't think anyone would disapprove about skirting around the layout of the tabernacle in Leviticus or Obadiah laying into the Edomites. But what about Romans? There's some deep stuff in there. What about Genesis and its incredible stories? What about Revelation? No one really understands it but it's always fun to read.I believe the entire Bible is inspired by God and given to teach us about Him and about life. But t … [Read more...]

Why Does God Allow Persecution?

A marching band in Brandon MS wasn't allowed to play at the half time of their football game last week because they wanted to How Great Thou Art. A federal judge had specifically ordered the school not to invoke the name of God in any school function.Chick-Fil-A is kept out of the Denver Airport because city council members disagree with the Dan Cathy's recent comments supporting traditional marriage, comments they say lead to discrimination by the whole company.Christians are being … [Read more...]

Climate Control #2 – Thermodynamics

Here is the second sermon in our new series Climate Control.https://vimeo.com/135968949 … [Read more...]

The Church and Gay Marriage

Here is the full sermon responding to the Supreme Court's decision legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states (preached 6.28.15).https://vimeo.com/132209602 … [Read more...]

BIG Church #4 – Big Boldness

Here is the fourth sermon in our summer series through the book of Acts:https://vimeo.com/131655477 … [Read more...]

12 Thoughts on Our Response to the Coming Reality of Gay Marriage (Part 1)

Gay marriage is here. Originally posted: April 10, 2013I believe that gay marriage is coming, whether we like it or not, whether we agree with it or not. Rather than another conservative evangelical diatribe on the rights and wrongs of the issue, these next two posts will be suggestions on how we should respond once gay marriage becomes legal nationwide. (Although I doubt it will happen with these Supreme Court cases currently pending, I do think the time is coming, as the current is running … [Read more...]