7 Reasons Why Your Marriage is Struggling


Don’t feel bad that you clicked on this post. It’s not a sign of failure in your marriage. It’s simply a sign that you’re married. All marriages struggle to one degree or another. If you find a marriage that has no struggles, then either one of the partners is dead or has given up a long time ago.I’m by no means an expert, but I’m still happily married after thirteen years, which means (according the Washington Post http://wapo.st/LiFXHX) that I’ve beat at least a third of the marriages i … [Read more...]

7 Things You Can Do to Start Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage

Apparently a lot of people are interested in what can wreck a marriage. Yesterday's post had almost 1000 views in less than 24 hours. Because I'm all about hope, I want to give you seven tangible steps you can take to start divorce-proofing your marriage. These are things I've shared with three couples I've done marriage counseling with this week. If you've hit a few bumps along the way, here are some things you need to start doing:1. Ask for help. You can't do this alone. If you and … [Read more...]

4 Things That Will Wreck Your Marriage If You're Not Careful

No one intentionally sets out to wreck a marriage. Everyone wants your marriage to work, at least at first. That's why weddings are beautiful and divorce proceedings aren't. When counseling couples about to get married, I share with them four things that can wreck their marriage if they're not careful. 1. Family of Origin - How you saw your parents interact is going to be the default mode for how you treat your spouse. If your home was broken or dysfunctional, then that is a hu … [Read more...]

Repost: 11 Reasons Why Marriages Fail

originally posted June 3, 2013We see marriages around us fail for a multitude of reasons. Underlying the causes of divorce are some common themes. Here are eleven of them:1. Lack of communication. Constant and meaningful conversation is the lifeblood of a marriage. You would think that all marriages have meaningful conversation, but they don’t. Couples don’t carve out time. They’re too tired. The husbands don’t want to talk. Television replaces conversation, and separation begins.2. B … [Read more...]

Married People #5 – Practice Your Promise

Here is the fifth and final installment of our Married People series. Enjoy!https://vimeo.com/112172796 … [Read more...]

Married People #4 – Love God First

The sermon below is the fourth installment in our Married People series. Enjoy!https://vimeo.com/111456842 … [Read more...]

Who Wouldn't Want to Be Married to This Spouse?

Romantic movies continually portray society's picture of the ideal spouse (namely cute and witty). But I've got a better picture of the ideal spouse that I think we would all rather be married to. Who wouldn't want to be married to a spouse:Who overflowed with visible, tangible love for you all the time?Who was so full of joy that it was contagious to everyone around them?Who was at peace with who God created them to be; never needy or clingy?Who was patient with you, always … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Get Closer to Your Spouse

As Christians we believe that marriage is a covenant between three people: you, your spouse, and God. Based off that truth, in the video below I share the best way to get closer to your spouse:https://vimeo.com/111465835 … [Read more...]

How Wives Can Show RESPECT To Their Husbands

Yesterday I shared how husbands can show love to their wives. Today is the second part from the book Love and Respect, on how wives can show respect to their husbands.Conquest – Appreciate his desire to work and achieve. Your husband will feel you appreciate his desire to work and achieve when . . .You tell him verbally or in writing that you value his work efforts.You express your faith in him related to his chosen field.You listen to his work stories as closely as you expect … [Read more...]

How Husbands Can Show LOVE To Their Wives

Ephesians 5:33 says, "However, each one of you [husband] also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.In his book Love and Respect, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs shares practical ways that husbands can show love to their wives. Buy his book for more ideas, but here are the highlights:Closeness. She wants you to be close. Your wife feels close to you when . . .You hold her hand.You hug her.You are affectionate without sexual intentions.You … [Read more...]