The Profoundly Simple Way To Blow a Church Guest's Mind (In a Good Way)

Sunday I was able to blow a church guest's mind. I love doing that! I don't do it as often as I'd like. I've had a few memorable swings and misses. But when I connect and blow someone's mind, it validates the time and energy I put into the whole endeavor.What's the profoundly simple way to blow a church guest's mind? Call them by name the second time you see them. People expect to be ignored when they go to a church for the first time.  They're new. No one knows them. No one should talk t … [Read more...]

A Really Awkward Way to Introduce Yourself to the New Couple at Church

I had it all planned out. John and Jennifer* were a new couple who had come to our church for a few weeks but I hadn't gotten a chance to meet them. So I found them on Facebook, got my creep on and memorized their names and faces. The following Sunday I was all ready to greet them by name. The only minor detail I forgot was getting the right couple.So last Sunday I saw a new couple that had just walked past me on their way to worship. I was about 95% sure it was John and Jennifer so I cal … [Read more...]

The Small Thing a Pastor Can Do To Make a Huge Impression

This past Sunday at church I met several new families at Mt Vernon Church, but I was able to make a huge impression on two of them. How? I knew their names. The small thing a pastor can do to make a huge impression is know somebody's name before he even meets them. How is this possible? Take my situation for example.On the first family, they walked in the doors just as the early service was about to start. We didn't have but a moment to speak but the dad said, "I'm Jennifer's* brother." I … [Read more...]

The Power of Knowing a Name

Here’s part of an email our church recently received, “Thank you for making us feel so welcomed, we have been enjoying the church services and my heart is so happy that my children are also enjoying it too!” This is from a family who’s recently attended and has decided to make Mt Vernon their church home. What helped make the difference? We knew their names.This family came late to our 10:30 service, dropping their kids off and slipping in before anyone could properly greet them. But our staf … [Read more...]