What Lessons Can Muslims Take from the Ahmed Mohamed Story?

Yesterday a teenager was arrested for bringing a clock to school. If you just this minute discovered social media, here is a link to the story. Take your time; I'll wait: "They Thought it was a Bomb; 9th Grader Arrested After Bringing Homemade Clock to School" And no, that headline did not come from The Onion. Today was a different story. Today young Ahmed Mohamed broke the internet and garnered support from Muslim organizations, The Jet Propulsion Lab, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and our … [Read more...]

When the Brown & Black Ones Get to High School

I have five kids at home. They range in age from fifteen to five. I just sent the youngest off to kindergarten this year. My teenage son takes after me, his pasty mom of European extraction. Medium-brown hair, eyes that shade from gray to green depending on the weather and his mood, totally not-Arab skin tone that is everything a WASP could dream for. He tans nicely. He is a proud nerd / geek. He works on computers and is part of an anti-hacking cyber team. He is learning how to fly a plane. … [Read more...]

A Couple of Periscope Broadcasts (Videos)

As Salaamu Alaikum and hello all.  I hope you are having / have had a blessed Jumuah.  I am posting here a couple of videos I'd like you to take a look at.  One I did yesterday afternoon.  It was a short Q&A about Islam.  A young lady from Turkey asked some pointed questions about Islam and her attitude is that she wants Islam to be eliminated from Turkey.  She said that she herself is Muslim so of course you can see that she is confused.  I engaged her in the first video, then I did another … [Read more...]

My Bid to Take Over All Social Media – Periscope

As Salaamu Alaikum and hello all!  Well, just when I thought I was all caught up with my social media presence, the Interwebs goes ahead and invents something new!  About four months ago, Twitter created a new app called Periscope.  It is a live-streaming app that allows you to just say hello to the world on the spur of the moment.  'Scopes can range from the trivial - "I'm Bored, Ask Me Anything" - to the educational.  And of course you have to be careful not to stumble upon anything inap … [Read more...]

A Primer on All Those Funny-Sounding Arabic Words

A primer for everyone who wants to know: What are all those doggone foreign-sounding words Nancy keeps using? Even non-Arab Muslims tend to sprinkle their conversations with Arabic words. It's easier to say "iftaar" rather than "that meal we break our fast with when the sun goes down". After a while, we do it unconsciously and may accidentally use the Arabic words around our non-Muslim family, friends, or co-workers. "Hey, Sally, InshaAllah (God willing) I'm going to the beach this weekend, … [Read more...]

Restarting in Safe Mode

That's me, right there. You know how sometimes your computer goes on the fritz (okay, maybe not you Mac people), and then when it reboots it will tell you, “Computer did not shut down normally”. It will give you the option of restarting in normal mode or in “safe” mode. Safe mode is where you run essential services until you can figure out what is wrong. Well, I think I've been running in safe mode for most of the last three decades. And I'm 48. Yeah. My parents divorced when I was around fourte … [Read more...]

Was I being too kumba-ya about the situation in Phoenix?

As Salaamu Alaikum and howdy all. Well, it's Monday, and we can be happy that the protest in Phoenix was mostly peaceful and there was no violence and there were no arrests. There was even a very nice story about one of the protesters who accepted an invitation to go into the mosque. Prior to the protest, I wrote saying that if I were there, I would provide cold water for the protesters and try to engage with them on a human level. I got a lot of support for my point of view, thank you all, and … [Read more...]

To the Bikers Who Plan to Protest in Arizona

May God's peace and blessings be upon all people of good faith who are seekers of the truth. My dear brothers and sisters in humanity, fellow children of Adam, peace be upon him, I congratulate you for living in the United States of America, a country which allows me as a Muslim woman to express my beliefs freely and without harm, and allows you to protest against things that you disagree with. The Second Amendment protects us both as it allows us to defend ourselves from those who would wish … [Read more...]

I’m getting a little more mentally ready for Ramadan

Ramadan! Less than a month away. It gets light SO early and dark SO late but I will say alhamdulillah because it takes place during summer vacation where I live so I can wake up, pray, and go back to bed before I have to wake up for good to go to work. And I work for myself so I can call in late to myself if I need to. I bought myself a brand new pack of legal pads in a lovely soothing pale blue to use for Qur'an memorization. I am the kind of person who has to symbolically start afresh with a … [Read more...]

How did it get to be almost Ramadan already? I ain’t ready!

  There's a rumor going around that Ramadan is approaching. Less than a month and we will embark on our marathon month of fasting. This is the time of year that I contemplate moving to South Africa for thirty days. The summer will be just about to get into full swing in the northern hemisphere by the time we start fasting around June seventeenth, while my friends on the south end of the planet are about to enter winter, with short days and long nights. Around where I live, sunrise will be … [Read more...]