Was I being too kumba-ya about the situation in Phoenix?

As Salaamu Alaikum and howdy all. Well, it's Monday, and we can be happy that the protest in Phoenix was mostly peaceful and there was no violence and there were no arrests. There was even a very nice story about one of the protesters who accepted an invitation to go into the mosque. Prior to the protest, I wrote saying that if I were there, I would provide cold water for the protesters and try to engage with them on a human level. I got a lot of support for my point of view, thank you all, and … [Read more...]

To the Bikers Who Plan to Protest in Arizona

May God's peace and blessings be upon all people of good faith who are seekers of the truth. My dear brothers and sisters in humanity, fellow children of Adam, peace be upon him, I congratulate you for living in the United States of America, a country which allows me as a Muslim woman to express my beliefs freely and without harm, and allows you to protest against things that you disagree with. The Second Amendment protects us both as it allows us to defend ourselves from those who would wish … [Read more...]

I’m getting a little more mentally ready for Ramadan

Ramadan! Less than a month away. It gets light SO early and dark SO late but I will say alhamdulillah because it takes place during summer vacation where I live so I can wake up, pray, and go back to bed before I have to wake up for good to go to work. And I work for myself so I can call in late to myself if I need to. I bought myself a brand new pack of legal pads in a lovely soothing pale blue to use for Qur'an memorization. I am the kind of person who has to symbolically start afresh with a … [Read more...]

How did it get to be almost Ramadan already? I ain’t ready!

  There's a rumor going around that Ramadan is approaching. Less than a month and we will embark on our marathon month of fasting. This is the time of year that I contemplate moving to South Africa for thirty days. The summer will be just about to get into full swing in the northern hemisphere by the time we start fasting around June seventeenth, while my friends on the south end of the planet are about to enter winter, with short days and long nights. Around where I live, sunrise will be … [Read more...]

I Almost Forgot It’s Prom Season…. A Little Tough Love and Realness in One Sentence

One sentence:  It is not permissible for Muslim young men and women to attend prom.   Okay, that's it, bye, see you tomorrow! What?  Oh, you want more?  What's my daleel (proof)?  Well, if you want the long version.... I totally forgot it's prom season.  My son is only 15 and is at this point in his life is blissfully oblivious to all that stuff (thanks online games!).  One of my FB friends shared a picture of a young lady in a very fancy long dress that did cover her in the same manne … [Read more...]

Who Am I? Read this and (sorta) find out

As Salaamu Alaikum, wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu Peace be upon you, and the mercy of Allah and His blessingsSo, who is Muslimah in Progress? I've been writing for years now, sharing my experiences and ideas with family, friends, and a whole lot of strangers. Now, at the ripe young age of 47, I hope I have accumulated some wisdom to help me put all of my experiences in perspective. It is my prayerful wish that everyone who reads what I write benefits in some way, either through my humor … [Read more...]

I Don’t Invite You to Islam

I don't invite you to Islam. I don't invite you to Islam because most of the “Muslim” countries are led by dictators and despots, or by no one at all. I don't invite you to Islam because the rights Allah granted to Muslim women 1400 years ago are routinely trampled upon today. From domestic abuse to honor killings to female genital mutilation, the status of women is so far from the ideal that you can't even see it from here. I don't invite you to Islam because the level of knowledge among the c … [Read more...]

Coffee, Facebook, Birds Singing, Evil Jews… Huh?

As Salaamu Alaikum and good Saturday morning all. Ah, this is the life. Sending the kids off to Islamic Saturday school with the hubby, lounging in bed with my youngest quietly occupied next to me, chilling out and checking my Facebook while idly wondering if I should bake something. Then I see something reprehensible on my FB wall, an article shared or commented on by one of my FB friends, and it's all I can do not to throw the phone against the wall in disgust. And here I was thinking I was … [Read more...]

What Makes a Hadith Authentic (Sahih)

Hadiths.  Very important in Islam.  Indispensable.  Some hadiths are just a few words; others run on for several pages.  They deal with esoteric issues such as the creation of the universe and the coming of the End Times, and they teach us how to pray, or inform us that Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, used to forget about the bread dough sometimes so that the goats would come and eat it.  Through these snippets and tales, we have learned how our beloved Prophet Muhammad, may Allah's peace a … [Read more...]

Finding Balance in Islam Includes the Sunnah – Don’t Reject Hadiths

Islam is not a cafeteria religion. That is a given. In Islam, you do not get to pick and choose the rules that you live by. It's a package deal. You can't say “I'm cool with the no pork thing, but I really can't live without a nightly brewski so I'll just skip that part”. You have to be willing as a Muslim to understand the permissible and the forbidden in Islam, and to move towards living a full life that is fully Islamic. It is not easy and it is not instant. Living as a Muslim is a process, w … [Read more...]