3 degrees. Three degrees. Three degrees. Stinks no matter how you write it. … [Read more...]


Feeling human again.

Bismillahi Rahmani RahimSalaam Alaikum wa RahmatullahAlhamdulillah, I survived the day of fasting. I broke my fast with water and some cranberry-nut cookies. Then I had some pasta. Now I'm drinking my decaf coffee and feeling like a human being again. Since I've been unable to fast for several years, fasting today was a BIG DEAL. I did fast several days in Ramadan, before I started becoming very dehydrated and my milk supply suffered, but then I was ready for it, mentally prepared, and … [Read more...]

Fasting is Hard…

Bismillahi Rahmani RahimSalaam Alaikum wa RahmatullahToday I'm fasting for the 9th of Muharram, and tomorrow inshAllah I'll fast the 10th. I've been pregnant or nursing for the last several years, and being "of advanced maternal age", I've been unable to fast while preggers and if I fast more than a day while nursing my milk supply tanks. I'm SO out of practice. I didn't have suhoor, big mistake, but when the baby finally sleeps through the night your loathe to get up one moment before you … [Read more...]

Pick a Crisis, any Crisis….

Make du'a for Gaza... and Darfur... and Kashmir... and Thailand... and China... and.... Since the Israelis started returning fire into Gaza last week, my Facebook page has been inundated with invitations to new groups that have sprung up in response to the violence. "I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who hate Jews", "Support Gaza", "Stop the Holocaust in Gaza", "Look at This Graphic and Bloody Video of a Dead Palestinian Baby". My live feed is updated practically minute by minute with news of an … [Read more...]

My Resolution

Okay, I guess I'll get on the New Year's resolution bandwagon. Since the Islamic New Year is here as well, I'll kill two resolution days with one resolution. I resolve to keep my temper with my kids. I do pretty well. I like to think I'm a loving, engaged Mommy who doesn't pop off at any little infraction. Overall, my kids are really great. My oldest, well, I haven't really had to chastise him for anything more than once or twice a year, mashAllah. He's an easygoing kid. My "Irish twins", Yusef … [Read more...]

A Mango for a Bride – A Short Love Story

A Mango for a BrideByNancy Umm Abdel HamidMy father’s house was in a greater state of uproar than usual, and since there were six of us children - well, we’re all grown now, but when we’re home, we’re no longer truly adults - six of us and our families spending a great amount of time in the house, the level of noise and chaos was pretty amazing My infant son Adam was the youngest of the horde, and with him in my arms I sat in the kitchen, watching Mama and my oldest sister Manal coring tiny eggpl … [Read more...]

More about marriage

Bismillahi Rahmani RahimSalaam Alaikum wa RahmatullahI got some feedback from a previous entry I wrote, the one titled "Lonely? Get a Cat". Two friends of mine, both of whom I respect, offered differing views. One was "right on" and the other was "you were harsh". Both points of view have merit.It is not my intention to be harsh to my sisters in Islam. I want all my sisters to fulfill their roles as strong believing Muslim women. I want my sisters to believe that they are beloved creations of … [Read more...]

Like a mighty oak, felled….

My husband usually stands tall. But like a mighty oak felled by the axeman's blade, he was brought low by a cold. Just as you would stand in the forest, watching in awe as a majestic tree slowly sways, then leans, then crashes to the ground with a bone-rattling thump, I watched my husband succumb to the aches and pains, the sniffles and snorts, the feverish shivering of a winter cold. My strong husband lay supine on the couch, weakly calling for tea - mint tea with honey and lemon. Surrounded by … [Read more...]

Sleep Training my Baby

Bismillahi Rahmani RahimSalaam Alaikum wa RahamtullahA friend of mine was mentioning sleep-training her baby, and another sister was asking me for advice when I mentioned I did sleep training with my youngest baby, so I thought I’d share with everyone what I did.First of all, let me say I have four children, alhamdulillah, and the only one I really did sleep training with was the youngest, Mervat. I guess I was so worn out and desperate by this time I was willing to do anything to get some s … [Read more...]

Lonely? Get a Cat….

I was reading a message on one of my groups earlier. A woman was asking for advice on a situation with her husband. Some ladies offered their advice on how to deal with a man who was behaving rather like a pig. It got me to thinking.I am finding that some Muslim women are getting married to men who are, well, rather like pigs. Not only are they marrying men who are not suitable, they are taking on a burden of guilt for feeling hurt when their man behaves rather like a pig. I want to ask these … [Read more...]