The Inner Circle of Friends


This was the texting conversation had with a good friend of mine a few days after my family (and a few others) had enjoyed a dinner party at her place: Her- “Oh! And I found Lil D’s underpants. They were in the attic.” Me - “Ha! He went all the way up there? Embarrassing. You have a bathroom up there?” Her - “Yes we do. Don’t worry about it at all. I’ll give it to you next time.” Me - “Thanks. And I’m sorry about that.” Her - “Please, don’t even think … [Read more...]

Ingratitude in the Face of Gratitude – the Autism Oxymoron

Daanish adn Dilshad nose to nose

I finally broke at 1:02 a.m. this morning – July 26, on the 17th fast of Ramadan the day before our big trip. The deluge began with this text to one of my best friends: “I am so sad to leave Lil D. Eff autism. Not fasting right now – I can say that, right?” To which my friend replied, “I’ve been waiting for this text …” And I answered, “Eff eff eff eff eff autism. He should be coming with me. … I should not be leaving my son for a month. … I’m feeling like a bad … [Read more...]

What Autism Can’t Take Away From Us – Our Kids

Ali kids in the fall

“What do you want for Eid, Mamma?” My daughter posed this question to me this morning as I drove her to her art camp. For once, we were alone in the car, with Lil D having gone to summer school an hour earlier and Hamza having been dropped at his summer camp by his father. Amal and I were enjoying a good mom-daughter conversation, and I was taking the opportunity to tell her how proud I was of her endeavors this Ramadan and her patience with her brothers, grandparents and us. I often … [Read more...]