I Don’t Feel Well

I felt it coming on Friday – that tickle in my throat that I knew would get big if I didn’t nip it in the bud, fast. And though I started my usual cold-averting tricks, spending 1.5 hours outside under the lights Friday evening at Hamza’s soccer game as I screamed and cheered him on didn’t help my throat any.By the end of the night, the throat was hurting. Hurting bad. Salt-water gargles, Airborne, medicine, hot tea with ginger and honey, turmeric in milk – I dug into my arsenal. But it got w … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Nose Blowing

I pray for a lot of significant and insignificant things at all times of the day. I have a standard group of things I ask for when I finish one of my five daily salats -- let my children grow to be good Muslims and good humans, help Lil D (my eldest) to manage his autism, give Lil D peace and happiness, ease his suffering, help him find a way to communicate, make him independent, help Dr. M - my husband - and I to be good parents and make the right decisions, help ease the suffering in the … [Read more...]