Ali Family Autism Truths #24 – Present with Each Other

April 24, 2015 - Autism Awareness Month, Autism Truths #24It's time to write this post, and so I ask my family tonight what I should write. The husband says - let's all give our perspectives tonight, and you write them down.But before we can wax eloquently on #autismtruths, D pulls H to the sofa for a tickle fight. Dadima (their paternal grandmother) is sitting at the edge of the sofa, reading her evening Quran, and the H gets buried by his brother, who lifts his shirt up and goes for … [Read more...]

Seeking Family Togetherness – RV Style

The scene playing out behind me captures a portrait of what our family is – Muslim, American, autism, multi-generational, nuclear, supportive, tolerant, innovative, and just a little crazy. Amal is up in the loft, reading a Roald Dahl book. Dadabba (the children’s paternal grandfather) has his topee on and is reading the Quran. Dadima (paternal grandmother) is lying down and resting. Hamza is playing with his cars, husband is driving the rig, and I am co-piloting. Lil D? He’s got two pillows tuck … [Read more...]