Fatherly (Baba-erly) Appreciation

The husband and I celebrated our 14th anniversary last week. We continue to (Alhamdulillah) defy the odds of marriages that break up under the stress of dealing with special needs, and is because of compromises we’ve made, respect and support we give each other, how we own various duties and roles in our lives and because we have tremendous family support.Our family works, in large part, because of him and what he’s given up/taken on/gained/lost/learned/unlearned/adapted/loved/changed and eve … [Read more...]

Reflections on Fatherhood Beyond Special Needs

Instead of writing a "Father's Day" post myself, I asked my husband to write - reflect on what it has been like for him to father our three children, to father a special needs child. Though he was on call at the hospital the whole weekend, he took time to write this piece. His experiences and thoughts are similar and different than mine, but as real as mine as well.Yesterday was Father’s Day, and as I was sitting with my eldest son in the afternoon in his room, we had one of those moments whe … [Read more...]