What is the Gift in All This?

Sometimes the memories resurface with such veracity so as to take my breath away with the pain and utter helplessness I have tried to bury. Maybe we are not meant to forget our worst times. Maybe they are to be reminders so that we appreciate everything better that comes before and after, even when that better doesn’t seem good enough.I am sitting on our sofa in our family room settling in to watch some TV. The kids have gone to bed under protest. The house is quiet and I’ve turned the fir … [Read more...]

The Yoke of Autism

I made a mistake of uttering out loud what I was thinking in my head the other day. And, while I don’t feel especially guilty about what I was feeling at the time, I think the comment has unintentionally left its mark – for better or for worse, amongst my loved ones.A few nights back we got a call from Toronto that a beloved elderly family member, who’s health has been in decline for a while, had taken a turn for the worse. It was one of those calls you know is coming, yet knocks you over whe … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Lil D

What do you get for the boy who wants nothing?Lil D is turning 12 this weekend. With this joyous occasion, we yet again face the dilemma that comes up every year – how do you make the day special for a boy who doesn’t realize it’s his birthday, who doesn’t have any particular thing that he likes, who will probably get upset if any sort of celebration pushes him out of his realm of comfort?In the grand scheme of things, this is not the worst problem in the world. But every year, it’s anoth … [Read more...]