We Cannot Give Up on Our Children

Ali Family Autism Truths #27 - April 27, 2016Editor's Note: For the last five days of April, I'm out of town and am getting creative with our Ali Family Autism Truths posts. Today's, yesterday's and tomorrow's posts are brief interviews my friend Jamie Pacton did with Syrian autistic children and their families, who have been helped by A Global Voice for Autism. Jamie writes about autism for Parents.com. A Global Voice for Autism is a wonderful organization that helps autistic individuals … [Read more...]

9/11 – How Do We Keep Praying When it Often Feels Like too Much?

A dear friend posted the question on social media last night – What is your 9/11 memory? The responses came flooding in, and as things are wont to happen in this day and age, my husband and I, sitting on opposite ends of the couch, both responded on our phones – our answers posting within seconds of each other.He at the hospital, the last year of residency in midtown Manhattan, in a patient’s room when they both turned to the television to witness the horrors occurring mere miles away. He and … [Read more...]