Between Autism and Stoic Heroism

The words seem too paltry, too weak, to insufficient to fully express the depths of what I am seeing him do. I want to share it with you. But every time I let the words flow, it feels unsatisfactory -- like whatever I write will not do justice to the truly astounding things I see my son doing. Because when I turn my attention outward, I see everything amplified – big, noisy, loud, glaring. And I don’t want to lose the beauty and true awesomeness of the small, the infinitesimal, the passing mom … [Read more...]

It’s Never As Simple as Just Putting On Shoes

Life rages on outside, with hurricanes and elections and continued violence in Syria. But the little things inside the walls of my home continuously capture my attention and pierce my heart in ways that brings my head reeling back from the frenetic pace.It’s the little things that remind me how vulnerable we all are, especially Lil D.I supervised Lil D as he put his shoes on this morning, like I have done every school morning for nine years. There is a lot of independent skills he has g … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Nose Blowing

I pray for a lot of significant and insignificant things at all times of the day. I have a standard group of things I ask for when I finish one of my five daily salats -- let my children grow to be good Muslims and good humans, help Lil D (my eldest) to manage his autism, give Lil D peace and happiness, ease his suffering, help him find a way to communicate, make him independent, help Dr. M - my husband - and I to be good parents and make the right decisions, help ease the suffering in the … [Read more...]