What Would He Say?

Daanish and Dilshad at the lake

My friend tagged me in a post on Facebook – a beautiful video made of moms being asked how they would describe themselves as mothers. And in the snippets aired, the moms all talked about things they didn’t like about themselves as parents, or wanted to improve:Be more patience.Think before speaking.Be more confident as a mother.Then, the moms were brought back to watch videos of their children describing them. And here, the way the children viewed their mothers conveyed what was s … [Read more...]

I Don’t Feel Well


I felt it coming on Friday – that tickle in my throat that I knew would get big if I didn’t nip it in the bud, fast. And though I started my usual cold-averting tricks, spending 1.5 hours outside under the lights Friday evening at Hamza’s soccer game as I screamed and cheered him on didn’t help my throat any.By the end of the night, the throat was hurting. Hurting bad. Salt-water gargles, Airborne, medicine, hot tea with ginger and honey, turmeric in milk – I dug into my arsenal. But it got w … [Read more...]

I Want ‘More’

Dilshad and Daanish falls shot

You ever have those moments where your love for your children surges up like a tidal wave, drowning you in overwhelming warmth and sweetness? It could be the most mundane thing, but in that moment, your love for your child is so clear and pure and strong that it almost hurts.It happens when Hamza comes home from school yelling “Mama!” because he is so excited to see me and tell me about something that happened that day. Shoes full of mulch from the playground, fingers dirty, his nose needing … [Read more...]

Thanks Steve Jobs from an Autism Mom

ipad autism

Descriptors like “visionary,” “game-changer” and “innovative” are commonplace in all the tributes being written and posted about Apple guru Steve Jobs. For me personally, the word I choose to describe Steve Job’s life’s work, in relation to me and my family, is possibility. Glorious, wondrous, hopeful possibility.My eldest son is not only autistic, he’s nonverbal, and he had little interest in anything. He is not into any videos, video games, TV shows, or any particular activity outside of tw … [Read more...]