When Anti-Muslim Bigots and Muslim Extremists Follow the Same Playbook – on Pamela Geller and Garland, Tx

Alia Salem, Executive Director at CAIR-Texas Dallas Fort Worth, knew it was going to be a very difficult, dangerous time for Muslims in her area and across Texas at large. With the Pamela Geller-sponsored “Draw the Prophet Muhammad” contest coming in Garland, TX, she decided to make a plea to her community to take the high road.So, on April 25, she posted this on Facebook: Please share this in every group and with every Muslim in DFW. I implore the community.I am calling on ALL com … [Read more...]

Zen and the Art of Autism Maintenance – Part Two

Note: It took a while, but here is part two about our experiences regarding the past winter break, managing Lil D’s autism through the break, and finding some sort of piece with the chaos that is our life. Click here to read part one.For those of you who are wondering if we did it, because really, how else would we have managed a flight with Lil D all the way to San Antonio, Texas without it – we did. We didn’t hesitate for a second.Yes, we gave Lil D something to help keep him calm and l … [Read more...]