Comfort Food for Stressful Days

Mom? Can you make Baba’s Red Sauce? The month of December is a stressful time of the year for most people. If you are shopping for Christmas, you are worried about having gifts for all of your loved ones, how much money you are spending and if your packages will arrive on time. If you [Read More…]

From Egypt to the Midwest

If you are a long time reader, you will know that I write sporadically. It just happens when something hits me the right (or wrong) way. Sometimes it happens when my life is particularly Islamically heavy in nature, like during Ramadan. Tuesday was a normal, every other day in my home. Crazy busy, chores, work, [Read More…]

What About Jell-o Salad?

A few weeks ago, we had an abundance of fruit that needed to be used, and I was all smoothie’d out. Kate and I searched through our trusty Blue Book* trying to find out what we could make with the bananas and mangos we had on hand. She came upon a recipe I had printed [Read More…]

Egyptian Style Ful Medames

Last Week, the My Islamic Life Page over on Facebook reached 250 likes. So, as promised – another recipe! Today, I’m thinking of something savoury and simple.  Egyptian Style Beans.  Now, I don’t know how other Egyptian families make their beans, but when my sister-in-law came to visit us, this is how she taught me [Read More…]

Basboussa Recipe – Light and Airy

I feel loved. This is the anti- basboussa recipe.  This is for the people who like their basboussa like a fluffy cake.  For the noobs. Also, for me.  I don’t like my sweets tooo-too sweet, and this version I really like.  With the inclusion of coconut it really gives it a little something extra.  Again, [Read More…]

Basboussa Recipe – More Dense Version

So, over on facebook, I posted this status update on January 27. Kristina ElSayed January 27 Yesterday, MyIslamicLife on FB reached 200 likes. — feeling blessed. Shortly after posting this photo of a bag of Rice Semolina that Khaled brought home. The Post that Sparked the Post Discussions ensued over on FB when it was cross posted, and [Read More…]

Moroccan Harira Soup – The Recipe Revealed

  While we were on vacation, we went to this Amazing Moroccan restaurant.  I’ve never had Moroccan style food before, and didn’t know what to expect.  I thought it was just a little twist on the usual Middle Eastern Fare, what Mr. Fox would describe as comfort food.  I remember that I ordered something with [Read More…]

Being Open to New Experiences; Happy Eid al Adha 2013

About a year ago, JJ told us about this little grocery store down in her neighborhood that sells beef bacon.  We were curious, but because the little grocery store is outside of our normal grocery store roundup, we never made it there until just a few weeks ago. We were out for the day wandering [Read More…]

Making Breakfast

Last week, Khaled came home from work with two recipes on a sheet of paper.  This is not new because they often watch The Chew between cases and he often comes home, inspired to try a new recipe, with bags of ingredients.  I don’t usually complain unless I’ve already got dinner situated, but then we [Read More…]

In Honor of No-Cook Tuesday

Yes, I know it is Friday already…the second Friday of Ramadan, but this post has been cooking in my head since Tuesday. So, even though it is Friday, I’m posting it! A week ago, I decided that I had a severe craving for this dessert/side dish from my childhood. I didn’t know what it was [Read More…]