Proof of God; Defining Moments

It seems to me that the 2016 election will be one of those defining moments in history, much like Pearl Harbor, or 9/11 or Rabaa. There will be the time before…and the aftermath. The United States will be forever changed. The world as we know it will be forever changed. Our children and grandchildren will [Read More…]

muslim roundup

“A mainstream comic, Muslim, hijabi superhero people! What’s not to love?” [Read more…]

Crash Course in Islam (the video)

I finally figured out why I couldn’t post this video yesterday.  So, Voila! Here it is: This video is great.  Sooper accessible, easy to understand and 13 minutes long.  The only criticism is the last bit he says about Egypt.  I think he meant to say that “Egypt, birthplace to one of the longest, continuous cultures [Read More…]

Understanding for the Layperson

I have seen two videos this week that I am thrilled to pass along to you.  The first is an illustrated part of a lecture on Surah Al Ikhlas, explaining the word Ahad.  Remember when viewing this video, the word Allah = God.  Allah is the Arabic word for God.   The second, well…I can’t [Read More…]

Party Follow-Up

Saturday night was a big learning experience for me.  I got dressed up, hair fancier than usual, evening makeup, dress and heels.  Paraded around for the thumbs up from the family and then slipped my holiday abaya over the top.  I arrived 15 minutes after the invitation said the party was set to begin, and [Read More…]

Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods eats Iftar!

Two nights ago, I caught the tail end of a Bizarre Foods in America episode where Andrew Zimmern was in Detroit.  Well, since we live within driving distance of The Motor City, I have an immediate “this is my home town” kinda thing and I want to know…Where did he eat?  What did he do? [Read More…]

Dawud was here.

JJ: Dawud will be here this week for a concert.  You need to take the kids. Me: WHO? JJ: Dawud Warnesby.  His PR person was just in here and said there will be a concert on Saturday.  He has a book for kids he’s promoting. Me: I’ve never even heard of this guy.  Lemme google him. JJ: [Read More…]

Music to my ears

September is a busy month for me, not only because it is the beginning of school, back to working outside of my home, Fall soccer season and after-school activities, it is the month that we celebrate the birth of two of my children.  I’m usually a lot more organized than I was this year, but [Read More…]