Surviving the Now

Last week, one of my people had a severe panic attack right before my eyes. It had never happened before, but knowing the symptoms, I knew what to do to help.   I told them to breathe.   In through the nose, then out through the mouth.   Calm, deep breaths.   Then, tell me [Read More…]

This week in my islamic life.

On Tuesday this week, I was planning for my meeting with Mr. Fox’s school counselor.  Its time to make the schedule for next year.  I was looking up information on what he should take for his field of study.  I looked at the admission guidelines for the Top Colleges in the US.  I also looked [Read More…]

I’m Not Alone

The harder conversations go something like this: “If you are harassed or teased and called a terrorist, tell a teacher.” “What Muslim Parents Tell Their Kids” by Naazish YarKhan was published today in The Huffington Post and originally in Commonground News. [Read more…]

Caring for the Neglected

Over the last month and a half, I have received messages about caring for people in our community that have been neglected.  I’m not talking about those who are in need of food and shelter, I’m talking about abused women and foster children. Do you remember Janelle?  The lady who commented in the “Do You [Read More…]