This Weekend’s Featured author on AltMuslim

  When I started writing this blog, it was with the hopes that it would be a touchstone for people like me, searching for a source of support in this wonderful, exciting, challenging and often lonely journey of being in an interfaith relationship with a Muslim spouse. A source of comfort and a place for [Read More…]

I’m not ready. College, People and Life.

I’ve been thinking that I should be writing. I should be talking to you, telling you what’s been happening…but the words wouldn’t come. My life hasn’t been that interesting lately. I guess. I’ve been working on getting Mr. Fox ready to go to college. That is the biggest thing in my life. Going on college [Read More…]

Ramadan Wrap-up 2014

We attended every community iftar at our home mosque. After the first success of the month, we thought that maybe it would be okay this year. After that first time, the Aunties and the nieces recognized me and didn’t question if I belonged. They just gave me jobs to do and let me help set up the tables. [Read more…]

I Bought Another Abaya

LOL Okay, I’ve been working full time at the school now for 5 of the hottest days this summer.  Yes, the air-conditioner finally started working about day 2.5, but by then I had worn my 3 thinnest – long sleeved ‘work’ appropriate outfits.  The first being the Abaya I bought at the PTO Sale and the second, a beautiful vintage Caftan [Read More…]

Research Overdrive

When I am curious about something, I research.  When I wanted to become a mother, I read books.  When I wanted to be the best mommy out there, I read…I read…and I still read books, and listen to podcasts, and read blogs…and columns. Mostly, I listen to parenting podcasts while I’m doing my family keeping. [Read More…]

Muslims, Bowling

So, most of the weekend I was cooking this awesome post about our outing with the Muslim Youth Group on Saturday, and how when I walked into the bowling alley with my little posse – we didn’t know anyone…but by the time things were in full swing, we actually did know a lot of people. [Read More…]

Eid 2011, Day 3

This morning was not celebratory.  I woke early to my alarm clock because it was my son’s first day of school for this year.  I was blessed with a cup of coffee delivered to me by my thoughtful husband, and it softened the blow of the early morning a bit, and reminded me of how [Read More…]

New Hijabs for School

These are the new Hijabs I made for the ladies to use at school for daily Salat.  They chose the fabric themselves, and not surprisingly, they are almost the same color.  I’m a little apprehensive about showing my babies faces online, but they are my models on Etsy, so I thought this angle was safe. We [Read More…]