National Muslim Women Day; Hijab

Lately my daughter has been asking to go shopping for hijabs. Its on her mind. Every time we’ve left to go on a trip for college searches or science Olympiad, she asks, “Is that the city with the cool hijab store?” She’s remembering the shop in Bridgeview. Al Omari Islamic Fashions. Pea remembers 5 years [Read More…]

This Weekend’s Featured author on AltMuslim

  When I started writing this blog, it was with the hopes that it would be a touchstone for people like me, searching for a source of support in this wonderful, exciting, challenging and often lonely journey of being in an interfaith relationship with a Muslim spouse. A source of comfort and a place for [Read More…]

Preparing for Ramadan 2014

T-3 Days Until Fasting Commences! Preparations for Ramadan have been on my mind since early April.  Why? Well, because in April I started planning for summer camps and different appointments.  I’ve made the mistake of scheduling soccer camp during Ramadan. I learned the hard way not to plan anything strenuous during this month.  Yes, I [Read More…]

Epic Ramadan/Eid T-Shirts 2014

Every year, I buy an Islamic themed t-shirt for my people for Eid.  In 2013, I bought these styles.  I see a lot of kids running around in the community with cute t-shirts that say something positive about being Muslim, or something related to Islam.  I don’t know if my children will ever wear their [Read More…]

Swimwear Update

Right after my Pre-Hijabi Swimwear post, I received many website suggestions.  This was such a relief and help!  Honestly. So, I’m sharing, because that’s what we do.  We Share. The First, is a Beautiful shop on Etsy. JanLucDesigns.  This shop is AMAZING.  The designs were inspired out of necessity. I went home and searched online [Read More…]

Pre-Hijabi Swimwear

Last weekend, I was talking with Kate and Pea about our upcoming extracurricular activity scheduling.  Class times and locations had changed, and I wanted to make sure that everyone was up to speed and there wouldn’t be any big surprises…no tears because I hadn’t warned them etc.   While we were talking about these changes, [Read More…]

Hi Friends! Craft Show & Head Wrap Expo

It has been a while hasn’t it? The last two weeks, I was prepping for The Southview Winter Art and Craft Show. I have only participated in a venue like this once before and it was quite a bit smaller.  I learned quite a bit about myself and my product offering.  I am excited that [Read More…]

The Headwrap Expo 2013

I’ll be there, watching demos, learning new styles and shopping…all while taking photos and live tweeting from the event. #headwrapexpo If you see me, say hi! [Read more…]

Eid Gifts I’ve Collected So Far…

I stink at finding Eid gifts early.  Every year I keep saying to myself (and to Khaled) “I need to collect gifts for Eid.”  This conversation begins well before Ramadan starts…and now it is 6 days until Eid and I have nothing for Mr. Fox, one item for Kate and a handful of items for [Read More…]

My Egyptian Village

A few weeks back there was another Egyptian Family Luncheon. It just so happened that it was also on the same day as my hair appointment and a slew of other things we had going on. By the time we got dressed to go and Khaled picked up our food contribution, we were an hour [Read More…]