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  When I started writing this blog, it was with the hopes that it would be a touchstone for people like me, searching for a source of support in this wonderful, exciting, challenging and often lonely journey of being in an interfaith relationship with a Muslim spouse. A source of comfort and a place for [Read More…]

My Journey with The Story of God

“You said you prayed about it. I know your husband and children are Muslim, but what religion are you?” She asked. “Its complicated,” I said, “I’m on a journey and I don’t quite know where it will lead.” My mother grew up in a Catholic family. She and her 5 brothers and sisters went to [Read More…]

Ramadan Kids Club

This year, The Little Mosque Down the Street™ organized an event that took place four days a week for the smallest Muslims, called Ramadan Kids Club. They worked in cooperation with another Mosque, and for two hours each day, the kids listened to a story, sang some songs and did an activity. I was invited [Read More…]

Re-Post: The Side Entrance of Religion

This piece was published on July15 as part of The Hopscotch Hijabi’s 2015 Interfaith Ramadan Series. credit I am un-mosqued. Every mosque I’ve ever been in feels like a side entrance. It doesn’t matter if we walk through the same door as the men, or sit directly across the latticework barrier from them. To the [Read More…]

The Lenten Prayer Experiment

How was Lent for you?  Did you participate in the Eid.Pray.Love Muslims 4 Lent Interfaith movement at all?  Remember back on March 5th when I told you about my plan to not really give anything up, but to focus on meaningful prayer and dialogue with God? Well, this is where I tell you how it [Read More…]

The Call to Prayer

Sometimes the call to prayer is ever so beautiful. Like when it is done by someone who can carry a tune, or when a very young, enthusiastic boy puts his whole heart into the call. I hope one day I can witness this call in person. It is amazing in the recording and will be more [Read More…]

So, Are you Ready for Ramadan?

In the weeks leading up to Ramadan, I got this question so, so many times.  It seemed like the question that everyone needed to ask, like when you see newlyweds and people keep asking them, so…You Pregnant? Each and every time I got this question, my internal dialogue would start.…No…No…I’m not ready.  I’m trying to [Read More…]

Praying, Listening and Reaching Out

You know when you start doing something and then you question your decision and back off?  Then you get to a point where you are unsure whether to continue the project, job, book, or just move on to something else?  Is this the path you are supposed to be on, or is it a detour [Read More…]


Today I am thankful it is Friday and I am able to have a sleepover with my babies. Today I am thankful for the rain because it makes the neighborhood in which I live lush and green. Today I am thankful that I am healthy. Today I am thankful I am in love. Today I [Read More…]

Understanding for the Layperson

I have seen two videos this week that I am thrilled to pass along to you.  The first is an illustrated part of a lecture on Surah Al Ikhlas, explaining the word Ahad.  Remember when viewing this video, the word Allah = God.  Allah is the Arabic word for God.   The second, well…I can’t [Read More…]