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  When I started writing this blog, it was with the hopes that it would be a touchstone for people like me, searching for a source of support in this wonderful, exciting, challenging and often lonely journey of being in an interfaith relationship with a Muslim spouse. A source of comfort and a place for [Read More…]

Now Accepting Nominations – 11th annual Brass Crescent Awards

I don’t share every little bit of my life here, but I do share the most Islamic portions with the hope that I can help someone, in some way. [Read more…]

Hasbro Responds

Dear Kristina, Thank you for sharing your feedback on Hasbro’s Magic Jinn game. The game was always intended to be a fun and imaginative play experience for kids and we are saddened to hear that it has been perceived otherwise. It was never our intention to offend anyone. I have personally shared your comments with [Read More…]

Toys that Teach that Islam is Evil

I am a Buzz Agent. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll tell you…just so I’ve disclosed how I came across this toy.  Buzz Agent is this organization that uses word of mouth advertising to get the ‘Buzz’ about their product out in social media.  We are often sent the items or coupon vouchers [Read More…]

muslim roundup

“A mainstream comic, Muslim, hijabi superhero people! What’s not to love?” [Read more…]

Understanding for the Layperson

I have seen two videos this week that I am thrilled to pass along to you.  The first is an illustrated part of a lecture on Surah Al Ikhlas, explaining the word Ahad.  Remember when viewing this video, the word Allah = God.  Allah is the Arabic word for God.   The second, well…I can’t [Read More…]

4 New Words

I was cruising around on Twitter the other day, reading random tweets, and I came across an app called ‘Arabic Word of the Day.’   Out comes the phone. App Store Search: ‘Arabic word of the day’ FREE Sweet!  I DL it.  Then I get Pea and Kate’s devices. Not available on Fox’s kindle. :-/ [Read More…]

Sounds like Cairo

Last week I subbed in a pre-kindergarten room at the Islamic School.  Like most pre-kindergarten programs, at about 1:00, it was time for nap.  We also refer to it as down time, quiet time or resting.  The usual protocol in the classroom during rest time is to play Quran for the hour.  I usually use [Read More…]