You Are Not Alone; A Sermon on Mary, Elizabeth, and Being Given One to Another

The Embrace of Elizabeth and Mary St. George Church, Kurbinovo, Macedonia

  (click above to listen along) Many of you know that 6 young clergy women from all over the country came to Denver Sunday to spend a couple days together. I sort of arraigned a last-minute urban retreat for the 7 of us and so in the midst of Advent, when they couldn’t really afford [Read More...]

Bullies, Terrorists and Anxiety: A Sermon on Defiant Hope

"Berner Nelkenmeister 001" by Berner Nelkenmeister - The Yorck Project:

This is a sermon that should be heard if at all possible and not just read. Click above to listen along.  I was speaking somewhere in the Midwest earlier this year when a middle-school kid raised their hand during a Q & A. I called on her and in her anxious bravery she asked “Pastor Nadia, what [Read More...]