My Birthday Wish

Pastor Matthew Nickoloff, HFASS intern 2011-2012 at the new church plant, South Wedge Mission in Rochester, NY.  I still mentor Matthew as a new church planter.

  Tomorrow is my 44th birthday. As per usual, I will exploit this to try and benefit my congregation. We need to raise $7,000 in order to again be an internship site this Fall. We are committed to training church planters to go and create sacramental communities similar to HFASS in other locations across the [Read More...]

Sermon on the Kyrie, Peter’s Own Smell of Shame and the God of Easter


  2013-4-14 NBW Sermon<—Click here to listen along. Kyrie eleison –Lord have mercy There is a setting of the Liturgy that I despise above all other settings of the liturgy because the Kyrie is so bouncy it sounds like a Fanta commercial.  (for those of you reading this and not listening…I sing this line) Kyrie eleison, [Read More...]