Sermon (prayer, actually) on Jesus Loving Us So Much He Wants to Throw Up

2013-09-06 NWB Sermon-1<—click here to listen along. It makes more sense when heard and not just read, I promise. A few years ago I wrote a book about the experience of watching 24 consecutive hours of bad Christian television.  My friends and family signed up for an hour each to watch along with me. The [Read More…]

The Authority of Apology (my Honors Convocation Address at Iliff School of Theology)

My thanks to Deb Creamer and Albert Hernandez for inviting me to speak to you today.  It is an honor to be with you. I have a special fondness for Iliff because I had such a blast here – mostly because let’s face it, Iliff is like, a super weird place. I loved the people [Read More…]