it’s me i’m changing

You can get a really nice reproduction of this drawing in my store.Everything around us resists our transformation. Sure, we are encouraged to conform and adapt and tweak in order to keep up with the expectations and opinions of others. But true transformation? No. This stretches everybody, including ourselves.In our online community The Lasting Supper we provide a safe space for people to change out loud with support and even friendship. It is helping so many people, including me, and … [Read more...]

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All my art is 50% OFF this weekend only. Use coupon code 'noway' when checking out. SHOP NOW!This includes original paintings on paper or canvas, cartoons, original Sophia drawings as well as high quality reproductions.Take advantage of this sale to get it before Christmas. … [Read more...]

a young nakedpastor reader draws my portrait

A 9 year old girl, Shena, likes my cartoons. Her father told me that she would love to see a video of me drawing a cartoon. She wanted to see how I did it. I created a video just for her. You can watch it HERE. Shena is struggling with an illness. So I dedicated the cartoon to her and sent her the original drawing.In return she drew my portrait and sent this drawing to me. I think it's pretty darn good. She's definitely got talent. I hope she uses it. Here's the note she wrote to me on the … [Read more...]

a video of me drawing today’s cartoon

A young girl who likes my cartoons wanted to know how I drew them, so I did a video to show her.I hope this helps Shena! … [Read more...]

yes there is beauty

You see this tree, how beautiful he is. He is very tall and stands in a nearby forest. I've looked at him many many times. But I just notice him recently.Why did I just notice this tree? I don't really know, but I love him and think he is so beautiful. He is not perfect. There are broken branches everywhere, and he is sparse here and there. He is top-heavy. But he is uniquely beautiful just as he is! I imagined him saying that he needed me to draw him. I felt like drawing him. So I did, with … [Read more...]

you can be free as a bird

A friend of mine wanted me to design a tattoo for her. She said she wanted cherry blossoms and a bird flying free from a cage. This is a sketch I drew for her. She's happy.Did you know that for the Chinese, the cherry blossom represents feminine beauty and sexuality and often holds an idea of feminine power as well? It is the symbol of love.It is different for the Japanese. For the Japanese the cherry blossom is a very delicate flower that blooms for a very short time. This represents … [Read more...]

freebie friday print of Sophia “Angel”

To enter the draw to win a fine art print of Sophia "Angel", all you have to do is leave a comment here on this blog post. Even a simple "Hi!" would do. Or, tell us what this drawing means to you.Have you sometimes noticed that other people believe in you more than you believe in yourself? That's what has happened here to Sophia. After all the oppression she's been through as a girl and a woman, after the years of extreme conditions of being emotionally, verbally and sometimes physically … [Read more...]

i might be alone for now

We all know one of the severest costs of choosing to walk your own path towards your own independence is experiencing loneliness. To find your own land and stake your own claim requires you to become a pioneer. And pioneers know loneliness. Pioneers simply understand that in order to enjoy their own lives to the full they are going to have to leave the herd.Read any of the accounts of pioneers, such as the fascinating Canadian explorer, David Thompson, and you will read the story of … [Read more...]

painting “follow me where you’re going”

Whatever we do, we do it together. We lead together. We follow together. In other words, we are fellow-pilgrims in this thing called Life. Together.Acquire original paintings like this one or prints in my gallery, 40% OFF, with coupon code "loveis". … [Read more...]

getting in touch with myself once more

I'm not sure why this man is taking a walk now. Is he on his way somewhere? Did his dog need to go out? Or did he just need to center and get in touch with himself again?If it was you, why would you be here? Now?The most peaceful times for me when I feel most connected to Source is at night, under the stars, maybe smoking my pipe, maybe with or without my dog, but usually in winter. There is just so much stillness it seems to seep into the core of my being and evoke a serenity like no … [Read more...]