getting kicked out of 2012

There's nothing you can do about it. Might as well enjoy the ride!HAPPY NEW YEAR! … [Read more...]

santa god

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e-book Without a Vision My People Prosper

You can order this e-book for $3.99. Order it HERE.In this book I argue against the use of visionary thinking in the church and how it destroys authentic community. It's got a lot of cartoons too! … [Read more...]

nakedpastor101 in e-book

My first book of cartoons, nakedpastor101 (2010), is available as a digital download e-book. Just click HERE and purchase it for only $3.99. BUT!!!!! If you are subscribers to my newsletter, you can enter your discount coupon code and you will get your 25% OFF!Brian McLaren endorsed it by saying: "What another creative communicator did with parables, David Hayward does with cartoons... I'm a big fan!"Check it out. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

up against religion

Ya, sometimes this is how I feel. Little David with a pebble up against an ancient giant!You know, that church building represents religion, and I meet plenty of negative religion outside of church walls as well. In fact, some of the most ferociously religious people I've met have been outside the church.The kind of religion I'm up against is the kind that taunts and degrades people, attempts to control them, manipulates them and shames them, that limits rational thought, critical thinking … [Read more...]

molly and sexual harassment

Since we are on the subject of women, I thought I would throw an older cartoon of mine into the mix. This has to do with sexual harassment. This happens a lot.When are more men in leadership going to find the balls to speak up on behalf of the women who have more balls than they do? … [Read more...]

offerings down

I kid you not: this is a weekly anxiety for many pastors. When you have the building, staff and expenses of all kinds, the amount of weekly offerings is crucial. It can mean life or death. Every every every pastor wants to know what the "take" is every Sunday as soon as it is counted. I've heard of some pastors wanting to know via a sign at the back so that if they were lower than needed he could preach up more money. I was at one service where the offering plate was passed around 5 times. I kid … [Read more...]

find your own path

I remember the earliest times I dared to express my own spiritual values and hinted that I was going to break out to find my own path. There were expressions of confusion, dismay, concern and even alarm. But I would do it all over again.Which is exactly why I've started my other site, so that others in that position can find companionship and share their story, hear others', and find resources for their journey. The site is doing great. Some really cool people gathering … [Read more...]

tribute to Pussy Riot

I was invited to contribute some of my art to the Free Pussy Riot cause by a group working to free the three women of Pussy Riot who are imprisoned. I am more than pleased to help.I have a lot of respect for Pussy Riot, a punk band made up of several women who stormed a famous Russian Orthodox cathedral and sang a prayer to Mother Mary to please remove Putin from power. Their prayer song lasted around 30 seconds before they were arrested. They've now been charged with 2 years of "hooliganism … [Read more...]

i’m your treat

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