Free “Quiet Company” Music Download

I am giving away, thanks to Quiet Company, a free music download. Quiet Company is offering 6 songs off their new album, "We Are All Where We Belong" absolutely free! (see the record cover above!) It's amazing music and I want to share it with you.I love Quiet Company. If you are a nakedpastor fan, then I know you will appreciate where they are coming from. Their music is beautiful and the lyrics are thoughtful. Sometimes when I am working on nakedpastor I imagine Quiet Company as the … [Read more...]

FREEBIE FRIDAY: Taylor Muse music download

Merry Christmas everyone! Another Freebie Friday! Today I am giving away, thanks to Taylor Muse and his band Quiet Company, a free music download. Quiet Company is offering 6 songs of their new album, "We Are All Where We Belong" absolutely free! (see the record cover below!)All you have to do is CLICK HERE and download it for free.If you want the whole record, you can get it now for just $5! CLICK HERE to go to that site. (Go here to listen to clips of their songs. I'm sure you'll love … [Read more...]

free cd: Denis Gauthier

Check out my new friend and fellow-artist Denis Gauthier. Make a comment to enter the chance to win a free download of his new cd. The contest closes tonight at midnight Atlantic Time. I'll announce the winner tomorrow and you will get your free cd. Check out one of his song videos:A true artist, Denis has been creating music as a profession for quite some time. Never heard of him? Thats OK, maybe this will be your little secret now, or maybe you’ll want to tell a few people about this u … [Read more...]

my song “I Give All Glory” w/ lyrics

This is a song concerning, again, the cross and its humbling effects. I wrote it for worship, like a hymn, for my past church. Apparently they sang it today.I Give All Gloryto the cross of Jesus Christ I will always turn my eyes away from the things that promise greater things for meto the tortured beams of wood where my savior gave his blood that is where my life will end but where it may beginchorus: i give all glory to him dead and buried now he lives again it is not i who lives but … [Read more...]

my song “Carry Me”

Here are the lyrics: Carry Me (Music and Lyrics by David Hayward)He tends his flock like a shepherd of love He gathers lambs in his strong tender arms He bears them close to his passionate heart Gently and lovingly leads them alongHe will protect me from all of my foes He plants a place where his work safely grows And I am assured that he reaps what he sows And I will with fulness his love come to knowchorus: Carry me through the valley and the sea Carry me to the lofty mountain peaks I … [Read more...]

new song the “Ya-Ya Song”

Here's a new song for you. I wrote it a while ago. It was originally titled "If I Should Search", but it has affectionately come to be known as the "Ya-Ya Song". (I miss my band!) I apologize for the rough quality. But I hope you enjoy it.I help people interpret their dreams to assist them in their personal growth. The first session is free. Email me: haywardart at gmail dot com (read more…) … [Read more...]

New Song: Are You There?

This is a song I wrote some years ago when all the facade had come crumbling down, and some rose-colored glasses were ripped off of my face. It's the question. … [Read more...]

youtube song: holy you are

I finally pulled my guitar out after about a year. My playing and my voice are rusty. But here you go. This is a song I wrote a while ago in which I tried to convey the paradoxical power of the cross in my life.I'm offering my services for pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, dream work, etc... Email me and we can arrange it: haywardart at gmail dot com (read more…) … [Read more...]