This drawing is one of my first Sophias. I remember the feelings I had when I was drawing it. There was something peaceful but at the same time foreboding about it. She looks confident. But at the same time she doesn't look safe. There is something very vulnerable about her here.It's not that she's naive. I think it's that she doesn't have a choice. She's escaped her bondage and is all alone. She must take this journey. It is going to take her down treacherous paths. She has to trust.So … [Read more...]

Sophia “Trapped” as book cover

My provocative yet popular drawing of Sophia "Trapped' (available as a print here) has been used as the cover image for Cynthia McClaskey's new book, Religion's Cell: Doctrines of the Church That Lead to Bondage and Abuse (<--click there to order from Amazon!) I was overjoyed to see "Cover Art by David Hayward right on the front cover! Wow!Cynthia and I have been in communication for some time about this happening. I was so pleased to get my personally signed hardcover copy from Cynthia … [Read more...]

new Sophia addition: “Waiting”

This is a woodcut print that I made a couple of years ago. I've decided to add it to my Sophia collection. It is in the same spirit. It captures the same mood and weaves itself into the same story of a woman on her own path to self-discovery and independence.Here Sophia waits, gazing out the window. True love will come. She instinctively knows what it looks like. She will settle for nothing less.I totally believe in the maxims "Follow your bliss!", and "Pursue your happiness!". However, I … [Read more...]

breaking free of the community

Sophia decided she had to make the definitive cut that tied her to the constrictive and controlling community. With one decisive swing of the axe, she separated herself and set herself apart. Of course, it would be interpreted as violent, rash, unnecessary and permanent, but this was the only way she could find her own mind, her own voice and even her own life... her right to be independent. It was a prophetic act against the community. But it was a prophetic act for herself. Within what one … [Read more...]

Huge Sophia Sale Today!

I never anticipated the twists and turns my decision to walk independently would invite. The dangers without and the fears within are my constant companions. It is a mighty dangerous path. But because I have felt compelled to take it, I somehow feel safeguarded while I walk it.I have tripped many times. I have fallen plenty. But, by God, it is my path and I am walking it! I proceed surely. I make progress.Interlocutors would like to define it theologically and morally. But it is a wild path … [Read more...]

Sophia Saturday “Conquer”

My daughter Casile refuses to allow me to put clothes on Sophia. "She has to be naked!" she exclaims. Deep down I agree.Even though Sophia has experienced victimization to the extreme, she has made an important decision: she's not going to see herself as a victim, but as a conqueror.Some people complain that I enjoy criticizing the church and religion for sport. They claim that I am stuck in my victimization, nursing my wounds and swimming in bitterness and resentment.I disagree. True, I … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “deconstruction”

If you've been following my drawings at all, and my Sophia series, you might recognize this wall. It is reminiscent of the wall in my drawing, CAUGHT.She's grabbed a sledgehammer and returned to this wall to practice a bit of deconstruction. I believe she's going to take it down. Stone by stone.I love this picture because it symbolizes much of what I do. There is a time to build and a time to tear down. There is a time to plant and a time to uproot. Sophia has decided it's tearing down … [Read more...]

Sophia: provision

The story of the ravens providing for Elijah has always fascinated me. The story, like any other good myth, is rich with layers of meaning. That's why I drew this image of Sophia in the wilderness.Sophia fled into the wilderness with nothing, only to discover that provision comes by strange and unexpected means.Before I left the ministry a couple of years ago, I thought I was quite alive and open. Looking back now, I see how enclosed I was. I was, like Sophia, trapped and didn't even really … [Read more...]

Sophia Saturday: “bridge”

Just like Sophia here, in one fell swoop I took an axe to the bridge and cut it. Instantly! Although the urge had been building up for a long time, the actual physical cutting of the bridge was rash, instantaneous and permanent.I have no regrets.Buy the original drawing.Buy a print of this drawing.Check out my books that are full of cartoons.  … [Read more...]

Sophia is me wrestling

I want to apologize, but not really, for posting this Sophia image again, "Entangled". Of all the Sophias, this one is the most emotional for me because it captures the messy struggle I'm presently engaged in.I was recalling the Jacob story when he was wrestling with the angel. All the ingredients are there in that story to metaphorically illustrate my journey.It is in the darkness. Things have been very, very dark, grim and even spooky. The light at times has been non-existent. I am … [Read more...]